So you want to know about feral PvP

Ok, since Karthis asked I figured I would write something up on this topic having done arena quite frequently in BC.

Ferals in arena have typically been very weak and had to be played a certain way to be successful. Ferals in Battlegrounds I think have always had some pretty good success but lets be honest, you will always be limited by the group you are with… don’t be surprised as Alliance being in a BG and being beaten up by 6 horde at once with no support… lol

I am going to skip how PvP was for us in BC because it really doesn’t apply any longer.

Wrath PvP for feral is all about DPS and burst damage. Our PvP gear no longer contains any intelligence so you just will not have the mana for much shifting so going caster for cyclones, roots, and heals are mostly off the table.

I would go with THIS spec

The basic strategy is to seek and and kill players in this order…

  • Healers (excluding Pally. Pally you CC while others and yourself kill something else)
  • Clothies
  • Everything else
  • Warriors
  • Pally

Bursting down healers and cloth DPS will be your main role in Arena.

The biggest issue facing ferals right now are all the abilities you are going to have to pop in succession. I always find my biggest problem is not enough fingers.

Pounce, Shred, Savage Roar, Berserk, Tiger’s Fury, Rip, Maim, Ferocious Bite, Mangle, Charge, Shift, Rake, Faerie Fire, Dash, Prowl (these are in no particular order)…

You will most likely need to use all these abilities at some point in any given fight to be successful and that is just in cat form.

As far as gearing goes you want to get what PvP that you can. I always try to replace my weakest PvE pieces first and then go from there. I used up an overabundance of Valor tokens to get all my Hateful leather. It won’t take too much BG’s to round out your gear with wrists, neck, rings, boots. The top feral druid in 2’s right now was wearing Titan-forged Rune of Determination so I picked up one of those as well.

Now that I have geared up as much as I can I might start doing 2’s again having taken off from arena for quite some time with PvE taking up all my time. Even though I have yet to arena at 80 I would expect an opener to go something like this…

Pounce, Shred, Savage Roar, Tigers Fury, Berserk… At this point depending on what your enemy is doing you will either shred more or mangle then blow points on a rip or maim. To close gaps you either Cat charge or go bear and bear charge bash. If you can get a Rake and Faerie Fire in there it is always a good idea. As soon as Berserk is over you will want to use Tigers Fury when it is up.

Bottom line is keep constant pressure on casters and healers. If you can get Out of Combat at any time toss yourself a couple heals, shift to cat, re-stealth and get ready for a new opening rotation. Get ready to go Bear when dealing with physical DPS classes. Glyphed maul rules in 2’s along with 360 swipe.

Currently the new fad in 2’s is Feral/Pally and I noticed that there was even a thread on it HERE

In Battlegrounds, use stealth to your advantage. Get behind enemy lines and take towers, flags, kill healers in the back… your role is to disrupt as much as possible.

11 Responses to So you want to know about feral PvP

  • Karthis says:

    Thanks, Jace.

    I won’t be respecing to start because I use both my specs for raiding…. so that may limit some of my ability – but hopefully not to the point where it affects my ability to decide if it’s any fun or not.

  • Jacemora says:

    Honestly, that has been the reason I have not gotten back into arena. I know my success would be limited if I went in with either PvE spec. I would say if you are not going to respec for arena or you are going to just do BG’s go with a tank spec, not kitty.

    I think doing PvP without Infected Wounds would be a mistake… of course in BG’s it won’t make a huge difference.

  • Althalas says:

    Great post jace.

    I do have to bring up somthing though. It seems that your site constantly crashes my Iphone. I have no idea what script you are running, but the site is almost unveiewable on the Iphone for me.

  • Jacemora says:


    I will see if I can figure out what the problem is with IPhone viewing. Did this start happening recently or has the site always been unviewable on Iphone?

  • korzor says:

    very good post.

  • Barkey says:

    The opener should be: Pounce, mangle,savage roar, berserk, (Build up combo points for rip) Since you only use rip unless ferocious bite is going to kill the target. Tiger’s fury is what you use when berserk is weared off since you cant couple TF and berserk. You can also use tiger’s fury to help build combo points for rip then use Berserk to blow up the target.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Jacemora says:


  • jerramie says:

    this is how u cat pvp: The most important thing to consider while being the cat is combo points. 2 Combo points then savage roar, then put 5 combo point glyph’d rip into target. IF you are taking mad damage, run and use that 5 combo point rip u just landed to get an instant heal off. Macro your roots and barkskin together. ALWAYS USE YOUR BARKSKIN!!! Always use your abolish poison (will be removed with next XPAC) always use your shadowmeld. * shadow-meld is not just to disappear, it makes the target loose you for a sec and have to re-aquir you. do not confuse this with prowl as prowl can not be used in combat but shadow can and It can save u. the best thing about the cat is bleeds, bleeds are not mitigated by armor. If you can manage to pounce, savage roar, rake, mangle mangle mangle, and 5 combo point a glyphd rip, your chances of killing someone are much greater. remember, if you cyclone a target, they can not be healed! But just the same, they will not take any damage. With that being said, if you have a target @ 20% and a healer comes along, use your cyclone on the target rather than the healer, then attack the healer and just before that cyclone comes off…maim the healer and switch targets. unless of coarse you have a target to 20% and u have combo points…land the rip and use the instant to cyclone the healer. This is of coarse what I do, so …its not the only way to pvp. I also use a battlemasters trinket macroed to my GLYPH’d survival inst. in bear form…it gives you so much health its rediculas. To survive i use this with the speed i get in cat form from pvp set to escape all the time.

  • jerramie says:

    barkskin/shadowmeld/roots and abolish poison are so overlooked by some druids. they are your yummies.

  • jerramie says:

    and I forgot, what Barkey says is absolute! alway use TF and your berserk. you can pound a warlock into the freekign ground with berserk. I love it

  • isaac says:

    i have a question about the gear so far i have been stacking armor pen gems on all my gear im not sure if thats the way to go.what do you use on your gear?

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