10 Man Ulduar progression

Just a short post since it’s Patch day… yes patch day, 3.1.1 to be exact. Feel free to check out the changes at MMO CHAMPION.

Last night we finally downed Kologarn and he dropped Spire of Withering Dreams. Cool looking staff but unfortunately not as good as my Journey’s End.

I have a feral druid staff collection though so it’s all good.

We went on to tussle with Auriaya but couldn’t get her down before bedtime… mostly due to our haste and not clearing both immediate sides of adds. We had her pegged but a fear ran us a little further than expected and we pulled two nasty twin trash mobs and it was over.

Running 10 man has been a lot of fun and we know it will only help when we get 25 people inside if we know the trash and positioning strategies we want to employ. This gives us more time in 25 to actually work on just getting the feel for the fight and experience since some of us will already know where we are going to stand, move to, etc.

I am really looking forward to get back in there tonight 25 strong, I just hope we have a good turn out of full time raiders because if not it looks like we are going to start up 2 10 mans and get some backup raiders geared instead of banging our head against a DPS wall.

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  • ARA says:

    woot! gratz!!! well i’ve been super lucky with loot these 2 weeks. So lucky I wonder if blizzard are fixing the loot tables to ensure all members of the raid get awesome upgrades quickly, to keep us all happy! Or… maybe its just always like that in a new instance: every piece is an upgrade. I got a twisted visage – which is awesome btw – i’ll happily take it for the next couple of months over OON. Also got a heart of iron wootx2. And some Runed ironhide boots – a ton of expertise and a blue gem slot. Tonight doing hodir in 25 man, I wore 4p frost resist, and my glyped survival insticts took me to 79k health. I mean, that’s obscene right?! 79k health for christsake….

  • Jacemora says:

    Sounds like fun.

    I have not been so lucky spending the majority of time in 10 man Ulduar due to lack of players online and other factors… post coming today on that.

    Gratz on all the loot, I hope my luck from Naxx gear wise continues as well. Awesome boots. You can’t wear 2 Hearts at once can you?

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