25 man Faction Champions down and my first purchase

Last night was 25 man ToC night and we downed the faction champions on the 5th try. Not horrible but definately harder than our second try downing of them in 10 man.

The key to the fight was giving 1v1 resposibility of keeping enemy melee DPS in check and away from the clothies. I had the ret pally and mixed cyclone, roots, bear taunts, charges, bashes, and kitty maim. Mixing these up cuts down on diminishing returns of CC and worked pretty good. we actually went with 6 players specced PvP or tank and had 4 go 1v1 with these guys with 2 more hovering around the casters just in case. We had a warrior disarming, a couple DK’s pulling the whirling warrior NPC out of the group, and a couple pallies making sure the squishies stayed up. We didn’t do a whole lot to the ranged enemy DPS aside from a hunter fearing the “cat” add from the enemy hunter. All other CC was focused on keeping 2 healers locked down while we burned through the first one. Mass dispells and purges are huge in this encounter and on the 5th try everything gelled and 18 minutes later they were all dead.

My first purchase using my Emblems of Triumph was the new idol. Looking at the WoL logs it had an 98.3% uptime on XT so I am pretty happy with it being my first buy… assuming 200 agility > 203 dmg on shred since I replaced my shred idol with it.

Next will be the ring which was really hard to pass up as first purchase… but 200 agility… couldn’t pass it up.

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