3 Hardmodes from 310% flight speed and easy Triumph

After another awesome night of raiding I am that much closer to finishing Ulduar 10 man hard.

We 1 shot…

  • XT hard (already had it)
  • Hodir hard
  • Thorim hard
  • Cat Lady hard

All I have left is

  • FL hard
  • Freya hard
  • Yogg hard

Most everyone else in the 10 man has FL and Freya so getting to it eventually shouldn’t be a problem.

We also did 10 man ToC… note, this is an easy way to get lots of Emblems of Triumph. Get your game face on for the Faction Champions as without good coordination and communication they could be troublesome.

We worked on Algalon 10 Monday night… he is tough on the tanks. The rest of the fight although chaotic seems pretty reasonable. My toughest challenge was to not run right back into a black hole after coming back out of the phase shift. I think going forward I am going to move slightly, go bear, barkskin, and maybe blow a cooldown or pot when needed. Kiting seems to constantly screw me.

I finally have enough Emblems to buy something. Both the shoulders and ring look like the largest upgrades with swaping strong handed ring for the new one the least disruptive as I gain in every area while just losing an acceptable amount of hit. I considered saving emblems for the cheap T9 gloves and pants for the 2T9 bonus but the loss in stats does not seem worth it to me and frankly I don’t see spending DKP for the Trophy risking the loss of a weapon upgrade. Going to get weapon, other gear, and save T9 for when we are hitting Heroic ToC.

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