30 Minutes to Ulduar

Questions loom on my mind…

  1. Is bear tanking as borked as many are saying?
  2. Will I need the Indestructible Potion I made?
  3. Will FL (Nickname for first boss in Ulduar cause no one wants to type out Leviathan.) be as easy as advertised?
  4. Are all the other bosses following FL as hard as people are saying?
  5. Will the instances servers stay up long enough to raid at all?
  6. Will 25 people show up to raid?
  7. Unlike Naxx will it take perfect staggered use of all my CoolDowns to stay alive?
  8. Will people be prepared at raid start unlike Naxx where it didn’t matter?
  9. If Bears are borked how long before Blizzard fixes us?
  10. How will Cat DPS be when I am not tanking?

Lots of questions, answers coming tomorrow along with a picture of my UI with explinations of my addons, why I use them, and why I place them where they are on screen.

One Response to 30 Minutes to Ulduar

  • Runycat says:

    Actually, I’ve been pretty hard to kill as a bear (except when all of us started getting one-shotted on Auiraya). Most of the bosses aren’t too bad after Flame Leviathan. Definitely very doable with a little coordination. And Cat DPS? Let’s just say I’ve been raping faces.

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