A HUGE Change… for me at least.

I pulled the trigger…

4 Teh HORDE!

My application to Requiem on Drenden was accepted I have Faction changed to take advantage of the opportunity. At $30.00 this choice is not for the faint of heart and there was some inventory adjustments and what not I had to make with my alts to try and limit the in game gold impact this is going to have on my character/s. I am leaving behind 3 other level 85 toons and my budding rogue that has maxed LW so I am definately going to spending a little more than usual in the future.

Just to let everyone know I was driven to move for 2 reasons.

1. I want to keep raiding. I want to keep raiding with the same guild and I believe Requiem will be around a while.
2. I want to raid after 10PM EST. My youngest child is asleep by 9:30PM and typically so is my wife and daughter. This will leaving me just to contend with our new kitten and she has a very small agro radius.

For now, as I said all my other toons are still Alliance in With Feeling. At $30.00 per character to Faction change I will decide later who makes the move with me down the line and who stays Alliance to play with old friends.

So far I am loving being a big cow! I have never liked the scale of the Night Elf especially on mounts. I struggled with going Troll, because of the nice little DPS perk in the Berserk racial, but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t really want to be a bat, I don’t like the dance, and I just don’t dig any of the Troll lore, especially as a Druid. If a 10 second buff to attack speed every 3 minutes makes or breaks me or a raid I need to just pack it up now.

I look forward to my actual invite to Requiem (no officers on atm) and check back for a new page redesign for my site that better reflects my new alignment.

P.S. I am bummed I lost a bunch of achievement points somewhere in the conversion but whatcha going to do… T.T

5 Responses to A HUGE Change… for me at least.

  • Samskeyti says:

    Oh what a change! But the tauren feral models are really well done! I love the tan cat with purple eyes.

    Anyway, best of luck in your new home/guild/raiding place, and looking forward to hearing about how it’s going.


  • Parcheesi says:

    War stomp trumps all … I have found it useful in sooo many ways as feral and resto in both pvp and pve.

  • latusthegoat says:

    welcome to the joy of taurenhood.

  • Talnoth says:

    If you’ve lost some achievement points, most likely they’re the ones related to the Argent Tournament, some loremaster ones (related to the Alliance-only lowbie zones, cause those don’t have a direct equivalent), and quest completion credit for certain zones (due to some quests being Alliance-only or Horde-only). Those are the only ones that gave me issues when I faction changed previously.

    Btw, the top of the Tauren totem poles is my favorite Storm Crow perching spot too heh.

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks all for the well wishes and comments!

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