A night of Achievements

Last night I was fortunate to do some 10 man with some of my better geared/played guildies.

I ended the night getting quite a few achievements…

  1. 250 Emblems of Heroism
  2. Twilight Duo
  3. Twilight Assist
  4. The Twilight Zone – Yes, I will now be running around with yet another title… Of the Nightfall
  5. Knock on Wood – Without a mage we decided 3 elders would be a little tough so we left up the easy one.
  6. The Keepers of Ulduar – I just needed to down Mimiron in 10
  7. Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare – This was fun, only took 1 wipe and 2 attempts to get them all.
  8. Stokin’ the Furnace
  9. Hot Pocket

Hopefully 1 week I will get a chance to run with these guys again and get some hard mode achievements, I had a lot of fun doing these I and don’t see how people don’t enjoy working on these things. I guess there are just a lot of people motivated just by getting gear but they are missing out on some of the more fun aspects of the game by not trying these achievements and hard modes.

One Response to A night of Achievements

  • ARA says:

    I enjoy doing these dinky achievements too, and we may do a special uld10 run just to collect the weirder ones this weekend 🙂 I dont always buy people’s dissatisfaction with the system. My theory is that many get bored with wow eventually, since they’ve devoted 20+ hours of their life to it for the last x years. Then, they look at any changes that happened in the last 3-6 months to explain how the game has now gone downhill. I’ve seen this happen over and over for the last 2 years, so I think it’s just general burnout. People who love the game seem to enjoy hardmodes, achievements and so on.

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