A short kitty guide to Mimiron.

After doing Mimiron this last week in 10 man I thought I would give a couple tips to help the other feral kitties out there avoid embarrassing themselves on their first attempts in the encounter.

Phase 1

  1. Do not burn Berserk during this phase. You want your Max DPS to come during Phase 2 where raid wide damage is at it’s highest.
  2. Keep a sharp eye open for the electricity effect the tanks has before his AoE and run out. Use dash if you were a little late running and don’t be late again. This in not like the Archavon AoE, you can’t stay in it and live.
  3. Know where mines are, avoid getting within a couple yards of them if possible.

Phase 2

  1. Berserk in your rotation on this phase.
  2. Each time the turret turns in your direction run straight through it to the other side and keep DPSing it’s back. Stand in front of it and die.
  3. Run out when it does it’s laser barrage, run clockwise back around to it’s backside and continue to DPS.

Phase 3

  1. Help kill the big bots that spawn.
  2. If your guild wants you to root bombs suggest going bear form instead and taunt kite them as roots will break. This worked way better than roots as ranged killed them as they chased after me.
  3. When the head comes to the ground don’t expect to get off a full rotation, make sure to get a rake in and an early rip at 3-4 combo points.

Phase 4

  1. You can reach the base. you can sort of reach the center if you get in pretty close.
  2. Baby Spice can be used to shrink him down so melee can reach the higher portions but don’t do it without discussing it first. I think it also makes the hitbox smaller so not sure it is a worth while trade off.
  3. DPS the base like you did in phase 1, continue to run out when you see the animation, look out for mines again.
  4. Berserk should be back up, hold it to help finish off the 3 pieces within the time necessary for all 3 to die within 15 secs to avoid regeneration.

Be prepared to give out a battle rez and innervate for a healer or caster.

Good Luck, loot profit!

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  • COLDBEAR says:

    Burn Berserk very early in p1 and it will be back up in time for a Laser Barrage in p2, which is the best part of p2 to burn it in. No need to hold back on Berserk in p1 if you have a good tank that gives you Vigilance or frontloads threat well.

  • Neirin says:

    If your raid dps is a little slow, burning berserk early in p1 is ok as it will be back up for p2, but in general having to worry about shock blast and positioning for mines makes p1 a poor choice for blowing berserk.

    In addition to brez and innervate, I also find that popping tranquility between p2 and p3 can be helpful to healers so they can use the full time to regen mana. Since we’re not gonna be using our mana for anything else we might as well help a bit.

  • faber says:

    Why kite the bomb bots? I stand under the floating head and soak the damage even in dps spec/gear they hardly hurt and it gives the people with the disks a target so they know where to place to bring it down.

  • Jacemora says:


    Awesome suggestion! I am going to edit my original post. I have not done it yet with a tank though that could hold agro if I used it that soon but I sure others might be able to.


    Another great suggestion for using tranquility.


    We personally had people getting real hurt by bombs even sometimes 1 shot because they were not at full health. I found kiting them away from the range tank and healers was just safer.

  • Jheusse says:

    Haven’t tried Phase 1 Berserk, might be interesting, though I’m more of a mind to save it for the perfect time in Phase 2, which is while he’s spinning up and barraging. Phase 1 isn’t really a dps race, Phase 2 is because of the raid damage best burned through. And your odds of losing a third of the berserk time to run out for the shock makes it iffy for me.

    Phase 2 the laser barrage is the best time to burn Berserk as noted above. The only time the SOB stands still during the whole phase, can’t count how many times I’ve had him turn to face me just as I hit shred, then I mangle him on my way running through him.

    The crew I run with has a bear standing directly under Mim’s head in phase 3 snacking on bomb bots, generally not far outside the inner ring on the floor but not on the floor stripe that leads to the entry doorway (where some of the assault bots spawn). Bulk of raid near the doorway burning down assault bots as they spawn, designated looter takes the core and drops it right in front of the bear. Have to pay attention to timing slightly so bomb bot doesn’t hit the incoming melee, but not difficult. Coordinating your location of your bomb soaker and range tank away from healers is very do-able.

    I’ve never had a problem getting a 5 point rip up on the head so long as I don’t have to refresh Savage Roar while I’m doing it. Since the majority of our dps burns the assault bots I never try to use combo points for Rip on them, they die too fast. Even the ranged dps switches to the assaults, we’ve found it more efficient not falling behind on bots and not over-aggroing the range tank. Assault bots for me are strictly to make sure that I have a long Roar up when the head comes down. With typical crit rates an Ulduar cat has, getting a rake, mangle and 5 point rip up is pretty easy, though I sometimes spam mangle rather than shred because of the head spinning. Combo points and the rip is the goal.

    My main difficulty in the Mim fight is surviving Phase 4, either getting caught in blast or occasionally the body of the robot blocks my view of the mine I just ran over. Putting the base as a focus target helps me see the casting bar if I’m dpsing the body, but it’s still a lot going on and the lines of sight get squirrelly with all the movement.

    Sorry for writing a book, not a good sign when the comment is longer than the initial post.

  • Jacemora says:


    No, thank you for writing as much as you did.

    I feel your pain in phase 4… literally.

    I was burning berserk way too early in phase 2, I am going to hold it for lasers next time.

  • faber says:

    We had warriors being almost killed by bombs. In phase 3 till I asked to try a little test. To see if I could survive a bomb blast in cat gear/spec. I shifted to bear, equipped my cat gear and ff one of the patting bombs while everyone stayed back. They do about the same damage as Mim’s bomb bots. Might try it if your raid is low on range dps, could be helpful.

  • Vallen says:


    I would have to agree that burning Berserk in p1 is not an ideal choice. It should be impossible for your Berserk to be up again for p2 if you burned it in p1 (hence why you burn it in p2 and p4). If you burn your Berserk in p1, and it’s up again in p2 it must mean your dps is really slow (how many plasma blasts are you eating?). Generally we have 2 blasts before we enter p2.

    @dealing with bomb bots

    We use a boomkin to root the bomb bots as they drop so they are stationary. Then we have a hunter keep his pet right in the same spot to engage the bomb bot to force an explosion. This eliminates any chance of the bomb getting loose and forces the explosion while nobody is near the head. A clean and simple way of killing bombs with 0% chance of anyone dying.

  • Jheusse says:

    Not to bump an old thread, but an update:

    Noted above I have trouble in Phase 4 avoiding getting hit by the blast, for example when I’m dpsing the body rather than the base, since the castbar is not visible (unless I focus the base for that reason, but my screen gets a bit too busy then). And when I do go to run out, the body of the robot obscures the view of the mines, so I have to pre-position even better than in phase 1. Using strafe to run out may help avoid robot blocking too.

    Just updating because on our last kill I specifically looked for the sparks around the robot as my visual cue to get out rather than watching for the cast bar, which is typically what I’m conditioned to look for. Took some mental shaking of the scruff of my neck to train myself to look for the cues differently, but was much more successful in Phase 4 survival for that little tweak.

  • Jacemora says:


    No worries about commenting on old posts, you would be surprised how many readers will find and old post useful or for the first time through Google searches at a much later date.

    Looking for the visual cue IMHO is easier than watching the cast bar even in phase 1.

    In phase 4 my biggest trouble when getting hit by mines is when running away and circling back behind during a laser barrage.

  • Jheusse says:

    I’ve gotten into the habit of looking for castbars because they have less tendency to get lost in the graphical soup (how many cats can even see their toon in all that?) and depending on the fight my graphics may be turned up or down. Just a matter of mentally re-training myself. Similarly, we do Thorim right after Hodir and I find myself doing that constant small movement thing on Thorim because I’m still in that mindset.

    I’ve never been outside the mines in phase 4 at barrage time. For the most part the 2 seconds or so of “Spinning up” for barrage is plenty of time for me to run through the boss. Even when running out for a Shock Blast, if the barrage interrupts it I’ve had time to get behind him, I’ve never ever had to do the hollywood “run ahead of the gunfire” thing

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