Amazing what a 3rd night can do Part 2.

So we extended our raid week once again to include a third night and we downed Nef.

Things that contributed to our success…

  1. We stopped kiting Nef in phase 3. We held her in place along the east wall and everyone (except the adds tank and healer) stood between her and the wall.
  2. We pushed a pre phase 2 crackle. Not easy but needed to reduce fire in phase 3.
  3. We did not push a phase 2 crackle. With only 2 ranged it’s not the easiest thing to do anyway.
  4. We didn’t fail at interrupts in phase 2.
  5. We staggered cooldowns very well after phase 3 crackles.

The fight had been nerfed in 10’s as phase 2 damage is greatly reduced but ultimately since we didn’t push a crackle in phase 2 it really didn’t help us much.

Our guild is now 2nd in 10’s progression on server and a big Congo Rats goes out to Team Synergy for their Heroic progression this last week. Team Heraldz hopes to get some catching up done but alias we have a main healer out for the month of May so not sure how that is going to go… ugh.

4.1 has made swipe downright silly. I will be surprised if it doesn’t get nerfed soon but we can always hope it stays. Multiple 20K+ crits from swipe is pretty funny though. I pulled 72K DPS on the Sindragosa trash as we ran into ICC to knock out the LK Heroic achieve we still needed for the guild. This was using swipe and berserk.

I am liking the new 5 man encounters released this patch. It is a great way to gear up for an alternate spec and the gear level prereq’s make for less failed runs. ZA is WAY too easy IMHO if you ran it back in the BC days. The fights are the same but have been watered down for 5 mans. I was lucky and got a couple boom upgrades right away. (Helm and Shoulders, raiding has been cruel for casting leather). ZG is harder but fun.

Now that I have personally cleared all T11 normal content I can safely say the only fight where ranged vs melee balance can be an issue is on Cho. I still switch to Balance for that fight. As far as Heroics go we will see. In Heroic Hal I am a tank for drakes for the first half of the fight and we do fine with only 2 ranged. As we push forward now in BWD Heroics I will report back our success with only 2 ranged and myself as kitty and whether or not I have to run balance for us to have success.

2 Responses to Amazing what a 3rd night can do Part 2.

  • Unglar says:

    I would be very interested to see your thoughts on whether or not you need to switch to boomkin for heroic modes, mainly because I’m in a very similar position to yourself (probably a week behind). We had our first kill of Nef and Al’Akir on Monday this week, so heroic modes are definitely a focus for my guild now. I also have a feral/boomkin setup on my druid and would prefer to stay feral if it’s viable for the content.

    As for the instances, I’ve seen some criticism of them and thought some of it was valid, although my latest post is a bit of a defense of 4.1 – like you, I’ve quite enjoyed Zul’Aman and look forwards to see Zul’Gurub.


  • Jacemora says:

    I am thinking I am going to have to be Boomkin for Chogal. Prob E. Monstrosity.

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