Amazing what a 3rd night can do.

So we added a 3rd night of raiding this week and it paid off.

Al’Akir down!

We typically only raid 5-6 hours per week and although we can get through all our farm content in that time we found it difficult to get over the hump on both Al’Akir and Nef. We finally got Nef down too it seems (<20% wipe) and we will most likely extend the lockout to assure it happens before our MT goes on vacation.

Al’Akir is not a horrible fight it just takes 100% perfection from everyone in all phases… lol.

P.S. Start phase 3 at the top and work your way down, it made all the difference in the world… I mean a change to that way and on the 2nd try have no one die and kill the boss difference.

A big congratulations to the crew that was there, especially our uber DPSing Pally that healed the fight while hating every minute of it.

On that note, I had someone “in game” mail me about our tank opening. Sent you back a mail, read it if you get a chance… and by the way, can you tank for us Tue night 7:45 server to show the group what you can do? Oh, and yeah, you will be tanking Nef. Oh, and if you know a healer and some DPS that would like to do some successful raiding let me know… oh, I kinda have a plan… it’s in the game mail.

Some kitty Al’kir tips…

  • Go crazy in phase 1 because you most likely won’t get to use shred in phase 2. Personally I will push to move some DPS to his backside with a healer but I don’t think we are doing this fight again until we do it on heroic.
  • In phase 2 just do whatever you are told and don’t die.
  • In phase 3 just do what DPS you can while mangle spamming.

Honestly this fight sucks as kitty and as soon as my boom gear is up to snuff I will be changing DPS specs for this fight.

2 Responses to Amazing what a 3rd night can do.

  • Qbear says:

    Grats on the kills! Sadly my guild refuses to move to the back of Al’akir in P3 as well, sigh. Best of luck on your future progression.

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks man! I am sure we might be looking at some gimmicks when we do it on heroic, maybe a behind the boss team will be one… though my guess is I will be OTing adds.

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