An interesting Feral change coming…

According to a blue post on MMO-Champion…

Infected Wounds now reduces the movement speed of the target by 16/34/50% (up from 8/17/25%) and its attack speed by 6/14/20% (up from 3/7/10%).

Let me say as a kitty that just started doing arena again, this is a HUGE change. I am guessing this is also going to be a nice tanking buff as well if you are responsible for the debuff on the target. Of course Blizz keeps discussing the whole “boss big hits” theory of RNG as it pertains to current and future raiding so maybe this puts us as more of an OT again glyphed for maul and holding multiple targets… dunno. Bottom line is swing speed does not seem to be as big a deal as single big hits although I do suppose it allows a little more margin of timing error for the healers.

I try not to think about bear tanking… I have enough on my plate trying to stay competitive with DPS.

P.S. Initial dummy tests looks like 2T9=4T8. I will say that using the Idol of Mutilation is a huge boost to Crit and makes swapping out some gems to ArP and losing the Mirror for the Banner feel fine. The changes still have my target dummy DPS hovering around 4400 using 1 Berserk and DPSing for roughly 3 minutes. This is self buffed with FFF on the target to start the fight. I will say that of my tests I was able to hit my highest test dummy DPS of around 4700… This was once in about 5 different attempts… the rest stayed right around the 4400 mark. Bottom line… small changes are small, until I score some of the better ToC 25 gear my DPS is not going to go up much. I plan on holding on to my 2T8 bonus as long as I can… probably until I get a piece of Heroic ToC 25 gear that would break it… which could be a while.

2 Responses to An interesting Feral change coming…

  • Kal says:

    The thing that was left off of the MMO point is that Infected Wounds no longer stacks. So it’s doing the same thing it was doing before, it’s just doing it on the first application.

    So it’s nice (and will help it not be overwritten by worse debuffs) but it’s not really a big deal.

  • Jacemora says:

    Bah… I should have known.

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