And the deed is done.

After over a month of waiting to get back into 10 man ICC, we were able to clear up to Sindy without our regular MT (I took over the tanking duties of our AFK player) and then squeeze in 1 hour last night to take her out and get our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher.

Typical Gratz and Kudo’s to my team, coming together after not playing for weeks to get this done in one hour. We were also able to squeeze in one night last week to get the All You Can Eat (10 player) out of the way which helped as we really didn’t want to get that one doing heroic.

We are hoping to follow up our Realm first kill of LK with the first Realm kill of LK Heroic… but we are already down to just 1 night next week so it may not happen… we still need to clear the rest of ICC first so it is looking like a raid extend of 2 weeks before we can even get in some serious tries.

I feel VERY confident we will down him given 2 nights of full attempts… even if we need that many… our group just plays together that well.

I was trying to get my It’s Over Nine Thousand! achievement but now I think I am going to wait for our LK Heroic kill as it will take me over the hump.

As soon as I can, I plan on doing a post wrapping up our entire ICC 10 experience with some tips and tricks.

4 Responses to And the deed is done.

  • Gathros says:

    Grats 🙂
    im not even cose to getting that but i got my 310% one from the world events meta,
    speeded flight form for the win. 🙂

  • Karalana says:

    Gratz on the drakes =D Good luck on H LK, the encounter is a whole new level of difficulty with very specific raid component requirements. We pulled for about 3h our first night, and only got out of P1 a few times. I am encouraged by the increased difficulty — i.e. there is still a challenge — since not many of the heroic encounters presented a real difficulty for our group (granted most of us are in icc 25m gear). But I am also discouraged about how anti-“bring the player not the class” (that blizzard has been preaching this expansion) this specific encounter is.


  • Rahl says:

    Big Grz you all deserve it!!

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks guys…

    Yeah, LK Heroic is no joke. We are now getting to phase 3 which is nice… Hoping to down him in the next 20 or so tries.

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