Another DPS test.

Every week I run 10 man’s with the same group. Same players, same buffs… great test bed.

Tonight I plan on testing 4T9.25 (That is Tier 9 mid pack quality from Emblems and Trophies) I am using Chest, Helm, Legs, Gloves. I went with Chest because it was a tanking upgrade and I want gear for my 2nd spec for when the new Icecrown 5 mans release.

In order to do this I gave up Heroic 10 man Chest, Gloves… and a whole bunch of ArP. I gemmed them in Agility (remember the tanking thing) and enchanted with the usual chants.

I will let everyone know how this compares to 2T9.5 and Heroic 10 gloves/chest.

My guess is a wash… but we shall see.

3 Responses to Another DPS test.

  • @valkyrierisen says:

    Hey Jac! Can’t wait to see the results of your “test”. The bonuses look interesting, but being tanking is my offspec so I’m far from lucky enough to collect the tier pieces at all! It was seriously irking me that trollwoven was the best damn shoulder piece I could get my hands on until I was the only leather wearer on a togc10 with a lucky drop plus zero ArP. (As a tank I see ArP as useless. I’d rather focus on my expertise/stamina/hit combo than sacrifice one, or raw stats, for ArP.) Personally I look at the Sons of Hodir shoulder buffs and waffle. I don’t see the AP/Crit or Dodge/Defense as viable shoulder buffs. I’m seriously looking at just 24 more stamina. Have you run into that? Just staring at those Hodir inscriptions with a big ol’ “meh” response when considering a new upgrade?

  • Jacemora says:

    So with you on the shoulder enchants… I use the AP/Crit for the added threat, the Dodge/Def seems crappy and using the other enchant allows the use of the shoulder slot to swing both ways… something you can’t really do with the leg slot enchant.

  • K says:

    No opinion on the best shoulder enchant, but one option is the “Greater Inscription of the Gladiator” PvP enchant. It’s 30 stam (and 15 resilience) and can be bought for 10,000 honor.

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