Another gear post – Best In Slot, 25 man, no Hard Modes

This is a post of what I feel is Best In Slot gear for Kitty DPS given limited time. Sure there is better gear through hard modes, 10 man Ulduar, or even going back to Naxx25 but I am not going to cover that in this post.

We are going to shoot for 4T8 here, I just like it better than rolling with old T7 for a 2T7+2T8 bonus.

I would gem strict DPS items in this set that you would not use for double duty Bear wear with +16 ARP gems, sure we are not going to get ARP trinkets or get even close to the cap but I think a balance is nice and ARP figures into that especially once you are over or at 5oish% crit raid buffed and 200ish armor penetration.

Note my list is more of a gut feeling based on actually battle and not math running through some sort of simulator.

Please note that somewhere in your setup you will have to have at least 1 Shifting Twilight Opal and 1 Deadly Monarch Topaz to meet your meta gem requirement.

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