ArP… seriously, let it go.

Bushidox, a guest blogger on Unbearably HoT wrote a nice post today about ArP and a theoretical max DPS gear setup.

Do yourself a favor, read it, then forget it!

Do not stress over trying to out DKP people for the Mjolnir Runestone. Do not plan on pissing off your hunter buddies by hording DKP for the Lotrafen, Spear of the Damned. Do not worry yourself with trying to get people back into Naxx because you don’t have Grim Toll.

Just let it go.

Now if by luck, you happen to find yourself with a bunch of ArP gear and you do happen to get or have 1 of the ArP trinkets then by all means start having fun stacking ArP. Apparently you will need +300 ArP and at least 1 of the trinkets before gemming for ArP makes sense. Don’t forget to keep you +Hit up however, and keep in mind that typically when 1 stat obviously outshines the rest is when Blizzard will sweep the rug out from under you and make all the Naxx runs for the Grim Toll a complete waste of time. I am pretty sure GC has already mentioned that getting targets to zero or less armor was not the intent so you would think a fix is going to be coming at some point.

It is always fun to know what gear you should work toward and why, just try not to make it an obsession… it can suck the fun right out of the game.

And that concludes my manditory Patch Day (3.1.3) Post.

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