Back in the Tanking Game

So…. Last night in Vent I committed to becoming my 10 man raid teams OT/MT (Depends on the fight of course)

I have to say I am actually pretty excited about this.

I tanked quite a bit back in BC… most of it actually.
I tanked at the beginning of Wrath (Did all of Naxx and most of Ulduar).
I shifted to Kitty DPS for the end of Wrath (That is what my 10 man team at the time needed).
I have obviously started Cata as Kitty/Boom DPS.

But now it is time for my game face and reading every last detail of how to tank in Cata.

Hopefully going to lead off tonight against Beth’tilac, most likely up top while the pally tank controls adds down low.
Then off to Shannox, probably tanking Rip.

Both fights sound relatively easy and fun…. a good way to break back into being a full time bear.

Last night I used RAWR and Mr. Robot to try and get my gear, chants, gems up to speed. These 2 don’t always agree…

Questions for you bears out there….

  1. Tsanga’s Helm or Membrane of C’Thun
  2. How important is 2T11 and/or 4T11? Neither RAWR or Mr. Robot seem to care much about the bonus.
  3. Depending on #2 is my answer for #3… Do I use T11 gloves, shoulders, pants, and chest or do I use offset where it is better?
  4. Delicate Inferno Ruby or Solid Ocean Sapphire
  5. Reforge Mastery or Dodge? Obviously when I can’t reforge mastery I do dodge but what about when I have the choice?

Just looking for some opinions as all the reading I have done sounds like people are split on a lot of these. Doesn’t seem like the community has a clear cut strategy for gemming/chanting/gearing that I had grown accustomed too in the past.

I look forward to updating everyone tomorrow on my experience in the tanking seat tonight.

5 Responses to Back in the Tanking Game

  • Azarth says:

    I’m not super-geared because I don’t really have enough free-time to raid a bunch, but here’re my suggestions:

    1. Tsanga’s for the Agility bonus.
    2. 4T11 is more important than more damage on Lacerate. However, it’s still a 3-minute cooldown, so it’s not super important if you have gear that’s better itemized.
    3. Offset where better.
    4. Personally, I go for a balance of the two. Most of the official forum peeps are all about Agility, but for progression-type content, STAM might be better.
    5. I’m all about Dodge. Mastery is dependent on Hit, Expertise, and Crit, where Dodge isn’t dependent on anything.

  • J says:

    These were the rules for T11:

    1. Tsanga’s, for the mastery.
    2. Forget about 2 or 4pc. Get mastery on as much of your gear as possible.
    3. See above.
    4. Gem for pure agility, unless the socket bonus will net you more agility overall. If you need to stack more stam for a certain fight, equip 2 stam trinkets.
    5. Reforge every non-mastery stat to dodge. Leave mastery intact.

    I don’t believe much has changed for T12, but we’ll have to see.

  • Kal says:

    J is wrong.

    Especially for T12, dodge is better than mastery. And especially for T12, the 4pT11 (to start with) is good. There are several fights where having a longer version of SI is very, very helpful; Shannox’s burn phase, Rhyolith if you’re 1-tanking, Baleroc, Fandral all benefit greatly from having extra long CDs. The 2p is horrible (it boosts the periodic damage of lacerate – not the initial application) but the 4p is very strong.

    To give an example of how good dodge is compared to mastery, dodge mitigates anywhere from 3 to 5 times more damage compared to the same amount of mastery.

    You may want a stam trinket or two early on. Especially on Baleroc; he hits hard. Shannox too.

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks for the thoughts. Going with Tsanga’a. Mixing up trinkets and gems instead of going all stam or all agility. Hoping for the best. for now no 4T11, will see how it goes.

  • J says:

    Why hello there, Kalon 🙂

    I see your point on the 4pc T11, I just never bothered with it in T11 content. Pretty sure I read once upon a time that it was decent but hardly required. But yes, I’m sure it does help in certain situations, especially whilst progressing.

    Re: mastery/dodge, we seem to be in agreement, although perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. Certainly dodge *is* better than mastery, and you want to make sure you’ve reforged all gear to dodge. But the last time I checked in, “the rule” was that you didn’t reforge mastery. Thus you end up with dodge on all of your gear, and you maximize your mastery at the same time.

    Feel free to correct me if that’s not the case.

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