Blizzard gifith… and taketh away.

Runy already has a follow up post from yesterday’s Dungeon Journal info.

Apparently there was an outcry on the inclusion of detailed fight mechanic and strategy  information in the Dungeon Journal (henceforth called the DJ).

I am by no means an Elitest raider type… I am pretty sure people know that by now that have read my blog. I am fortunate to be a part of a good group of guys and gals that progress through content so I get to see and beat most if not all encounters when they are relevant, difficult, and entertaining.

I have some thoughts on the news now that Blizzard is going to be taking back some information initially provided in the DJ:

  1. People will still get the information by leaving the game and going to one of the multiple sites giving info, strategy, and tips.
  2. This information will be gated by the hard core raiding guilds as usual. They are the first to down content and the first to provide strategy tips.
  3. This will make people happy that like to learn about encounter strategy and mob abilities on the fly. Lets face it, that is part of the entertainment of a new encounter. Although we go into new fights having a rough idea of what to expect we rarely go in having watched video or creating detailed strategy and positioning before hand. It is one of the reasons we take a little longer to progress but it is much more entertaining to learn fights ourselves and find our own way of doing things.
  4. The DJ won’t be very useful beyond Wowhead if all it does is document boss and mob abilities as that information is data mined WAY ahead of time.

Lets hope they find a way to balance or phrase strategy tips with the fun of discovery. If all it is are abilities I will be disappointed. At least throw people a bone and detail some trash mechanics and leave bosses as the mystery. It only takes a wipe or 2 anyway to figure out trash and honestly learning trash mechanics is not very fun. (For the love of God Blizz, have the damn elementals in the Ascendant Council room stand still in groups of 2 already. Worst dumb trash time sink mechanic ever)

One Response to Blizzard gifith… and taketh away.

  • Ohken says:

    I would separate strategies from abilities. Learning strategies is fun. My best WoW experiences involved a lot of wipes as we fine-tuned our strategy.

    However, learning abilities on the fly is not fun. I always learn the main abilities and coarse strategies before the first pull of a boss. For a raid boss, I study them before the raid, and for a 5-man boss, I study alt-tab over to a web browser. Additionally, when I revisit a 5-man dungeon later, I often have to go look at a web site to remember which boss we are about to face. A quick perusal of their abilities does the trick.

    I’m really looking forward to having this information in game. In general, it’s an anti-pattern when people regularly use an add-on or an external web site. The game will work better when Blizzard understands what players are doing and directly supports us, rather than making us use external resources.

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