Boomkin Feral FTW!

Went into Hyjal last night and I had a complete blast wearing my healing gear during the trash waves.

Hurricane with no CD had me doing between 2.5K and 3.5K of AoE DPS, and that was with suboptimal healing gear with no crit. Went with Wrath spam on the spread out gargoyles and frost wyrms.

This fun had me thinking, maybe it is time for a little change and have a little fun…

So look for a Boomkin respec post sometime soon… going to dig through my bank and pull out those couple of Heroic MrT drops and old idols and see what I can throw together for a Boomkin set.


I was losing NO mana spamming Hurricane… I think cause of OoC. Wrath spam barely put a dent in my mana as well.

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