Cho’gall Down.

I wish I could say I did this as a Kitty but I didn’t.

Could we have downed this if I was Kitty… yeah, probably as we had gotten him down to 5% previously however going boom made it A LOT easier.

Does this mean my thoughts on feral have changed? Not one bit.

We were doing this on 10 man and with only 2 ranged classes in our mix. If we had a third I could have stayed cat and we would have been fine.

The balance spec really shines on this fight. I would recommend glyphing for the 50% slow using hurricane.

Sadly, due to gear, I could not even break 10K on this fight… but I was learning the timing of the ooze spawns and probably over focusing on making sure the adds were contained.

Boomkin is a lot of fun, I seriously recommend it if you are not needed to tank at all to run this as your second spec and collect gear. It will come in handy I am sure for heroic fights that are melee unfriendly.

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  • Karalana says:

    Some of the lessons I learned playing crit chicken on this fight: Moar mushrooms for the slimes! Fungal growth will help with slow on this one (but is not so good for Mal). Keep starfall for when the big add is up — even if its not lunar’d — but if you can time it, kudos!


  • watson says:

    Well you will be playing your boomkin alot more or change to tanking if you wanna raid 10man hc’s good. When normal modes are over the fun ends for kitty.

  • Please Quit WoW says:

    I would like to say this now. PLEASE QUIT WOW.

    1) There is no timing on the adds, they spawn when the big add dies.
    2) Regarding your last Get Better or GTFO post, You clearly have no idea what Heroic Magmaw entails and have no clue how to progress in a heroic guild.
    3) Please
    4) QUIT WOW.

  • Qbear says:

    @please quit wow

    Well your 1/5th correct. On heroic Magmaw the add I was referring too was not the little worm spawns. On heroic there is a large add that needs to be nuked when he spawns in order to, well not die.

    As for Chogall the adds don’t spawn as the big add dies; however, for jacemora the adds always spawn on the festerblood cast chogall does at a specific time after the adds spawn. @Please quit wow I strongly suggest you learn these mechanics before trying to troll someone of their forum.

    Like I stated in the previous post moving into heroics all ferals at this time should be up on the current boomkin rotations and stat weights, placing all your eggs in the feral druid basket isn’t going to end up well, for now.

    Hopefully patch 4.1 will introduce some strong form of aoe which will allow us to remain competitive against our boomkin counter parts. If our aoe gets stronger, and our haste increased more in t12 there is a chance that our energy regen will be good enough to maintain decent bleed uptime of bosses to remain compilable.

    I don’t think anyone should quit wow this game is so much fun. I do think our community needs to get together and discuss how to remain a valued part of the current tier raid structure. As Jace’s has learned sometimes that requos a respec. Sadly it requos a respec in a lot of situations. Post like “lawl your bad kid go away” will just make our group smaller, how does that help in the end?

  • Jacemora says:

    @Kara – Thanks for the tips!
    @Watson – That is what I am hearing.
    @Qbear – Agreed, I also hope that they can figure out a way to fix our AoE to make us competitive. Even if they make it relatively hard to do, I don’t mind working for it as long as it is possible. Don’t worry about the troll, it is probably a guild mate messing around with me… lol… if not, no big as I will finish Heroic Tiers just like I always have.

  • Unglar says:

    Strangely enough, I’ve dropped my bear offspec for boomkin in the past month. Although I haven’t had a change to raid in it yet, heroics as boomkin are a lot of fun and I would recommend it to any feral kitty looking for a change or some extra versatility in their raid group.

    Gratz on Chogall too!

  • Jacemora says:


    Thanks! And yes, Boom is a lot of fun.

  • Goodmongo says:

    According to the datamined patch note for 4.1 it looks like bears are getting another nerf to AOE damage as thrash is getting hit this time. Not much hope for more AOE damage if they are reducing bears.

  • Goodmongo says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to go boomkin along comes 4.1 with more nerfs to boomkins. Someone over at blizzard is really hating on druids at the moment.

  • Qbear says:

    Yeah I was looking at those, of course to early to tell what will hit live and what won’t or what will happen to ferals.

    However, lets say 4.1 just hit today with everything changed as it is now, having a feral with roughly the same ilvl moonkin gear, it’ll still be better to go boomkin on ne fights where u can multi dot while holding ur feral spec for single target fights, which is what 4 in this content patch? Conclave, Al’akir, BH, Chimeron I might be forgetting one?

    My personal frustration comes from the fact that if MM spec beats the crap out of SV spec for hunters all they do is respec and reforge boom theyre in the highest dps spec. It’s a lot harder to switch between the best spec at the moment for druids when obviously the gear is so different.

    I’m almost done with my boomkin set and my guild currently clears 8/13 hms every week (did al’akir on 10m once for the tick don’t plan to do it again until we get everything else down at least once) hopefully here in a bit I’ll have a better understanding of which fights r better for which spec even though my boomkin won’t have 4 p or nething of that nature. I’ll gladly share that information to neone who is interested in dual specing feral dps//moonkin for hms until we know if 4.1 will make our spec viable for all hm fights.

  • Jacemora says:

    Oh yes Qbear, I would be very interested in hearing about that. I am currently sitting on 3000+ VP trying to decide if I should go for 4T11 feral or start diverting to T11 Boom gear. I should get the next caster weapon that falls however my big problem is going to be neck, rings, cloak, trinkets as our healers and caster will get dibs on those since I spend time in kitty.

  • Qbear says:

    Heroic Nef down!!!
    Just had to put that out there!

    Honestly I’d finish your feral set, yes feral is in a bad place right now; however, I still have hopes for 4.1 espically since they’ve already stated they wish to buff everyone’s aoe damage. Also, I’m sure you won’t have much competition for the off tier boomkin leathers. Epic neck and belt can be obtained from rep both of which is dragonmaw. As for trinkets and stuff, I had to resort to heroic farming. Even in 346 blues with mixed in epics you should be able to out dps yourself on any fight that has the potential to multi-dot.

    Kitty’s still the greatest I hope when firelands is released we will be able to stay competitive (which in my eyes is 5% plus or minus to our boomkin counterparts) Sadly right now on overal fights we still remain 15% behind which is why I tell everyone to start collecting caster gear.

  • Jacemora says:

    Holy Crap, Grats QBear!

  • Jacemora says:

    Wait, I looked at the logs…

    #1 DPS with broken Kitty? WTF?


  • Qbear says:

    🙂 on heroic nef people get mc’d when you do u can stack a damage increase on all your abilities for 15 secs i belive it was. Lets just say i got mc’d a lot.

    Hey I was thinking about starting a feral druid blog site of my own discussing how to handle different fights at top tier content as a feral, as well as discussing my thought on ferals in general through their nerfs and buffs. Only issue i have is i don’t even know where to get started on doing such a thing.

    Any chance you could make a post on how you even got about doing your site, and the steps you took to get it out there, or if you want e-mail me a few tips? i rather not post my email on public viewing of course its requo’d to post on your site if u have a way of looking that up if not i could maybe make a low level toon on your server then game mail it to you personally?

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