Deathwing Down

In the first week of Normal Dragon Soul we downed Deathwing.

As easy as that makes this final raid of an expansion sound our guild is pretty darn good, however I will say the normal content in this raid is easier than I would have expected. I am going to assume Heroic is going to be extremely tough.

It seems to me more than ever that Heroics are the new normals, normals are the new easy, and LFR is just a loot pinata or as another guildy put it, a fancy target dummy. I have yet to do a LFR but it sounds like they are pretty successful so I hope to get my Alt Hunter in one soon.

Right now I am working on my Alt Hunters transmorg set. She is a blood elf so I can have some fun there. It is not much fun doing a Transmorg on a druid cow… but I can fire kitty so whatever.

The new Darkmoon Faire is… well… disappointing. Maybe I am missing something but it seems to me that was a complete waste of dev time. Sorry Dev’s, sometimes you lay an egg and well I call it as I see it. The local is neat as well it’s design but the games and the whole concept seems lame to me.

As a side note for those kitties that have not done the last fight in Dragon Soul, everything can be shred from the front. Don’t know why it was so easy to do this for this fight but not for some of the previous but whatever… probably needed time to work on the faire 😛

A lot of gamers I know are going to be playing SWTOR. Not sure if I am going to have time for that while raiding Heroic DS and farming my hunters last fer transmorg items but I will prob get into it before the MoP expansion.

A note on Transmorg, it can be fun and addicting. Download the WOW Model Viewer and start making sets. It is interesting to see how easy and hard making a nice matching set can be. The one I am working on now had only one option in the pant slot from a quest back in Northrend. Lucky for me I had not done it before. I recommend starting with a favorite weapon or weapons and moving on to a set that compliments it/them.

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