Earth, Wind, & Fire

Server First!

Thanks to the GM (Selmak) of my guild Dsylxeic (Well, not my guild but the guild to which I belong),  for standing in with his DK for our fallen Warrior (his motherboard was fried).

So just an FYI to everyone out there, EW&F is not terrible at all. With current ICC gear most likely the largest problem you will have is not killing bosses too quickly. The hardest part of the encounter is timing the death and that is about it.

We went with 3 tanks, Pally, DK, and Myself (Yes, I still bear it from time to time), 3 healers (Pally, Disc Priest, Tree), and 4 DPS.

We start on Fire Dude, Misdirect him to the hallway entrance to his wing, DPS him while moving him to Stone dude. When Fire dude hits about 30% we go in on Stone Dude. When both are at about 25% I run along with 2 DPS and 1 healer to Storm dude and tank him and all the adds in the middle. 2 things I have to do…

  1. Don’t stand in Fire.
  2. Pull spawned adds of my healer.

Basically the rest is just talking in vent and coordinating their demise.

After that we moved on to Hero LK, we are now making solid progress and finally saw phase 3? The room with all the spirits… well at least 1 person did… progress none the less.

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