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So Kalon over at ThinkTank did a post about gear you will be able to get using the new badges in 3.2 so I figured I would put up a Kitty equivalent… Heck I was going to toss in gear from the new instances as well…

Then I started to list everything and decided to stop. There is so much gear and I can’t say for certain where some items are coming from so I would rather not list them yet.

Let me just say that in the next patch you will be able to get some incredible gear through just about as many means as you can think of.

The new 5 man Heroics will get you a couple of items here and there but just about all of it is a downgrade to T7.5. If you don’t raid, don’t have money for crafted items, and don’t want to farm badges for better gear this 5 man is for you. This trinket Banner of Victory supposedly from the 5 man normal version looks worth running it a couple times.

The new badge gear is not just kinda good, it looks really good. With farming badges alone you will have access to all kinds of gear upgrades.

The best gear of course is going to come from 25 man Heroics. If you are raiding with a good 25 man guild you should gear up faster that way than any other.

I would say though buying gear with badges farmed from Heroic dailies will get you awfully close to 25 man Heroic geared people.

  • Wowhead has a list of all new gear coming in 3.2 HERE
  • MMO Champion has a nice list of all the gear (minus T9) that can be purchased with Emblems HERE
  • MMO Champion has a list of gear falling from the raids HERE
  • MMO Champion has a list of gear coming from the new 5 man instance HERE

Keep in mind that these lists are most likely incomplete and there is more gear possibly floating around out there in loot tables. I will say it looks like Polearms will be our BiS weapon, for some reason they put Haste on the stave’s.

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