Finished with Normal 25 Man ToC.

Ok guys, it is time now to face the harsh reality of just how easy normal mode ToC is compared to Heroic ToC.

You can read some about the changes over at World of Matticus, most fights sound a little rougher but I think most people will worry about Heroic Faction Champs. I dunno if we should worry as we have gotten the fight down pretty well giving 1v1 responsibility to control what we are not focus firing. We 2 shot it last night which was a decent improvement over previous weeks.

We downed Anub’arak last night to complete ToC 25 normal. The fight was fun though not terribly difficult (we 2 shot him after an initial pull screw up).

I passed on a bunch of gear yet again, I am just not willing to spend 10% or more of my DKP on minor upgrades when I don’t even know how Heroic ToC is going to go. If progression in Heroic seems slow maybe I will start spending some DKP again. I am still sitting at the #1 spot in DPS for many fights and rarely drop below 3rd although the DPS around me is starting to push up as they are getting upgrades. I dunno, maybe I will splurge a little if Death’s Verdict drops… depends if I score Wrathstone before then… I am just a sucker for Crit.

After finishing ToC we headed over to Ulduar to start working back to Yogg and on hard modes. We scored the speed kill on Ignis first attempt but then stumbled on XT hard at… yeah you can guess it… 1%… ugh. WTB a raid comp that allows me to not have to burn combo points on XT because I have to go find and kill sparks. Maybe some other ferals can chime in on how they handle the transition? I tried my best to make sure I had DoTs rolling before switching targets but that is hard when you know the healers are having a tough time keeping everyone alive. He enraged at 4% and at 1% everyone was eating dirt. I am sure we will get him the next time we try.

As we gear up in ToC you have to wonder how long Blizzard is going to leave the drakes in Ulduar. I guess they still want people to raid there so maybe that is why they are leaving the incentive.

Anyway, all in all another very fun night of raiding last night… I can’t wait to see the new boss in WG now.

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  • seriallos says:

    Melee probably shouldn’t be used to burn down the life sparks, tbh. We usually use a few dedicated range (and maybe extra OTs in DPS gear) to make sure the sparks die in 10 seconds. All other range and melee just stay glued on XT otherwise you end up wasting a lot of DPS time either having melee move or having range constantly having debuffs fall off or skill chains not completing.

  • Cavlon says:

    We have 2 tanks, 1 for XT and the other for the big bots with the adds, after you kill the heart and the adds are cleaned we have the OT stay to on the light bomb side, but out of the explosion range, wait for the spark to spawn, all ranges switches to the spark and as the spark gets close to the raid the OT will taunt it, by the time the spark starts heading back to the raid its dead. Minimal damage to raid or OT, let the OT go hit on the boss for a few or whatever…. but a feral druid of equal skill and gear will always do more dps then any other tank in their dps spec. So play to your strength stay cat spec/gear top the meters and let another tank do sparks preferably the one who was on the adds.

    We cleared 25 Toc on Tuesday and started Heroic last night, we were pleasantly surprised 10 wipes later we hadn’t beat the first encounter, a little challenge for a little while it looks like.

  • Kal says:

    Yeah, I’m joining in on the ‘why is melee on sparks’. If you’re going to target switch, you’re basically already hosed. Ferals aren’t particularly good at doing a switch easily, and most of your big nukes aren’t going to be able to go off before the thing needs to die anyway. I mean, ideally you’d mangle-shred-shred-FB death, but that doesn’t happen every time and it’s still high on energy.

    I’d strongly recommend staying on the boss if possible. Ferals can easily recover from light/gbombs to get back into things and they do best against stationary single targets. Have your hunters and locks work on the sparks.

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