Get better or GTFO

Yes, I know… I am on some sort of posting tangent… it happens when you decide to take up Archeology… my readers thank you Blizzard… or maybe they don’t… I dunno.

I want to touch on a comment I made in a previous post about getting better or finding a less hard core guild.

I am very fortunate that I am 10 man raiding with a group of guys that feel it’s bring the player, not the class/spec.

So far, with that mentality, we have accomplished quite a bit. The group was able to get server first Heralds title in Wrath as well as first kill on LK (again, 10 man)… this was with raiding maybe 6-10 hours a week… a far cry from a hard core raiders schedule.

What this means, as opposed to Hard Core guilds, we change our strategy to fit our composition and not the other way around.

We are melee heavy and we find ourselves deviating from the suggested strategy quite frequently in order to progress. Honestly, it makes the whole raiding and gaming experience that more fun. Hard Core guilds are all about progressing quickly and if that means you get benched for a fight or 2, you get benched for a fight or 2.

My point is don’t blame Blizzard. They really have done a good job balancing, what is left are raid leaders and guild masters that don’t actually take the time to dissect parses and go off general numbers or just look at a site like SoDps and decide to bring someone else.

If you are raiding with a guild like that, you are in the wrong place. Trust me, I am not the only lucky kitty to be in a good guild having success progression raiding.

Good luck, do what you can to improve your game, find a group worthy of your time and expertise. You will find that typically hard core guilds have to raid twice as much to find the same success as a dedicated group that knows how to strategize through diversity… and that is a much more rewarding experience IMHO.

Gives you more time to dig up fossils… ugh.

Just this kitties 2 cents, if I get to the point where I actually feel gimped I will let everyone know.

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  • Rahl says:

    Well said.
    I still think that we are UP but if bosses dies + you have fun with your guild you canna complain too much.

    To be honest though i thought your post was about the addon called GTFO (Thanks bbb for the recommendation) which i actually only found today and is Amazing!! Seriously cant recommend it enough 8)

  • Goodmongo says:

    I do blame blizzard as they control how things work and they have NOT done a good job balancing the classes. proff is in the numbers and the logs clearly show ferals are not balanced.

    So I took your advice and GTFO. Actually I didn’t renew my subscription before you posted this.

  • Qbear says:

    See this is why I hate people who create blogs like this. I love feral and have always loved the strong community that has come with it, and I’m proud you’ve found your group of buddies to get get server first with.

    Only issue is while your still getting the server first kill, your getting them years behind everyone else because well your server’s pretty awful. I’m also happy to hear that your bring the player not the flavor of the month class has netted you an impressive 10/12 normal mode victory over current content. However, the feral raiding community wasn’t build around people whom’s raid schedule’s are so small that they have time to create off the wall theories between dig sites about the issue with ferals being progression guild raid leaders not understanding player skill. Clearly you didn’t actually think that to be true?

    Feral is in a weakened state, mostly for 2 reason. First target switching is to drastic, killing heroic magmaw the only time I’m on the boss is during head expose phase, and phase 2. Any feral that is ranking to inflate numbers most likely isn’t switching to adds. Then you have fights like conclave where if stationed on the wind platform like a good melee you can’t shred half the time due to ill placement of tornado and the boss himself while casting slicing gale. Heck I’ve heard from buddy ferals that you can’t shred at all on sinestra.

    However, we were at the start of cata very powerful in pvp then paragon doomed us by using 16 feral druids in their first kill of heroic nef forcing the forum community to rage about a class most of them knew nothing about. Blizz works in waves everyone cried feral’s op and look at the state we’re in now, then the masses cried over frost mages and have you already seen the change waiting for them in 4.1.

    I know this was a long post, and I meant it to be because whoever else reads this needs to know that while your entitled to your opinion and I respect you for that, your leading your readers down a horrible path. Any good raid leader is going to make moves to bring the best classes for the encounter on progression then move in everyone else after they kill it once or twice. To say simply well you should gtfo join people who create working raid strategies over pro players when you yourself aren’t really doing anything of merit is kind of a cock tease.

    I’ve ranked on a few fights here and there nothen to boast about but I always switch to the target that needs to die, I never ask for a di because frankly it’s just going to get wasted since I plain and simple can’t keep a rip on the boss all the time in these heroic modes. My only suggestion to you is to start picking up that boomy gear, because when you get to the point where your finally feeling gimped you don’t want to think back that that mean guy who posted on your forums that one day and think to yourself, crap if only I would of listen.

    To the readers of this blog I’ve read this for awhile now and love it, and I’ll cont. to read it as I suggest you do, but remember this blog like all blogs should be taken with a grain of salt. Is the sky falling nah it’s not. Do you need to respec as quickly as humanly possible to avoid getting sat on progression if your raid leaders are even remotely serious about killing t11 content before t12, yup.

  • Jacemora says:

    Good Post!

    Thanks for sharing, and yeah we definitely differ in opinion. I prefer not to cry wolf until I have to.

    I am pretty shocked by your Magmaw statement, a feral on adds there seems unnecessary. We handle them fine with just 2 ranged. Now if you are talking about Heroic, I am going to agree that Boomkin is a better idea (Or at least I guess so since I have not done Heroic yet). I don’t say this because feral is broken, I say it because the fight probably requires more ranged. Just like others have stated the current raid tier favors ranged class in most fights. What is nice is as a druid I have the ability to use a 2nd spec for ranged DPS, and it is a STRONG option as Boomkin are doing very well atm.

    Wind Platform? Seriously? Why would you be there as a feral in the first place? Put ranged there.

    Can’t Shred on Sinestra… that will suck if true but for now that is the first I have heard of it so I will chalk this up to rumor or conjecture.

    What makes a good raid leader is up for debate and depends entirely on goals. In some cases I will say bringing OP classes/specs for the sake of progression does not necessarily make a good raid leader or GM.

    I have also ranked on a lot of fights and I am picking up Boom gear when I can, it is my second spec of choice.

    To my readers, thanks for reading. My direction of these posts have been of a “sky is not falling” nature because I honestly feel the feral community should pick it’s battles wisely and I really feel we are not in this horrible place especially compared to times in the past when we really were.

    Blizzard should give us the ability to shift and break roots. We were gimped doing this in PvP because of our lack of a deep mana pool anyway and it’s always been useful in PvE situations. I can understand the Berserk change, though I miss it, but without it we can be CCed other ways to compensate for our shifting escapes. Don’t make fights where it is impossible to stand behind the boss, we appreciate that Magmaw wasn’t Kologarn 2.0 for us but I cringe if Sinestra is.

  • Goodmongo says:

    Over the past month some very big names in the feral community have quit and all of them site issues with ferals. Players such as Yawning, Alaron, Kalon, Dorkasau and many others have all quit. You say that we need to pick our fights and battles. This is the time. Blizz has even deleted posts and issued one week bans for anyone posting they are quitting and the reasons why.

    All the evidence shows ferals at least 15% behind in dps and we are not scaling well at all. The state of ferals is really bad and I am not alone in saying that it is at or very close to the worst place it’s been sinc eearly vanilla days. The evidence is in the numbers and the fact that so many long time respected players are quiting. And all of them are saying the same thing.

    For those that don’t quit they are going boomkin. But if feral was your love and joy then going boomkin is just the same as going mage.

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