Heroic ICC 10, not your grandfathers Hard mode Ulduar.

So we ventured into some… ok a lot… of Heroic 10 man ICC fights this week.

Let me give a short recap and maybe some tips.

Heroic Deathwhisper and Gunship are not bad at all. We downed both, a couple tries on Deathwhisper which required working on the shield down timing a little, getting better at interrupting her casts in phase 2, knowing when to switch DPS on the add in phase 2 while the tanks handle the threat drop, and managing the mind controls through the whole fight.The big change in 10 hero is she MC’s like in 25 and adds continue to spawn in the 2nd phase but just 1 at a time… oh yeah, she is also untauntable.

Gunship we one shot and that took longer than it needed to because I forgot to equip my rocket shirt and was stuck on the wrong side the whole fight. The big change is that the mages have more health, the ship has more health, and the adds hit a lot harder.

Heroic Marrowgar is a cluster ^*%$ of Epic proportions. No pro tips yet. Fire everywhere, spikes are out when he is whirling, he hits harder… yadda, yadda.

Heroic Saurfang seemed doable with a little more practice. The beasts are a major concern as they have a lot more health, slow players they get close to, 1 shot just about anyone, and move very fast. No pro tips yet but hopefully soon.

Heroic Festergut seems doable with practice the only big change is PP tossing goo from above during the encounter that everyone needs to avoid… that and Pungent Blight hits a lot harder just about requiring 3 stacks of spore.

Heroic Rotface we didn’t try much so no news there. Big difference right off the bat is that PP drops bile gas bombs on the raid during the fight.

To sum up, all the bosses hit harder and have more health. Then on top of that there are added mechanics in each one as well… so basically Ulduar hard modes on crack.

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  • Dysheki says:

    Just a couple thoughts of my own from getting some time in there last night:

    Marrowgar: Pretty easy with a holy pally who beacons himself and spams everyone. Obviously people still need to run away from him and not get hit.

    Deathwhisper: Yeah, honestly for the most part same as normal mode (pretty easy) while having to actually pay attention to the details of the fight. Instant cyclone is OP for the MC, hehe.

    Saurfang: Wiped a lot. Pretty sure it was mostly because our pally healer (normal pally healer was busy) is not exactly geared for PvE content and didn’t do too well. He had like 800 resilience or something stupid in his gear >.< We couldn't three heal it because the adds were an issue and two healing it we had people die when a second mark was out. Hopefully with an appropriately geared and experienced healer in his place we'll be fine next time.

    That's all I really saw while we slammed our face against Saurfang most of the night, never getting him below 20%. Not really much in terms of new mechanics, but oh well.

  • Aleanathem says:

    Wish I could try the ICC HMs, but then again I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with most Wrath content so I guess it’s good I cannot. As an old friend told me the other night they should have continued in the line of Sunwell and let people actually learn to raid instead of slowing down and near grinding to a halt.

    Nice insight into ICC as always Jace! Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Good luck with the rest of the hard modes.

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks Al.

    Dy, we finally got Marrowgar… I think it just took some practice.

    We are still trying to figure out on Saurfang how we are going to 2 heal through 2-3 marks… ugh.

  • Mizzhel says:

    I have to admit I haven’t done hard modes as of yet, but I know on Saur it helps to have a pally healer bc they beacon the mark and then heal who they have to heal, I don’t see why it would be any different in H mode…give it a try, see if it works, you have nothing to lose. Good luck.

  • KáòS says:

    Just curios. if i run ICC 10 normal. then run ICC 10 H. will i still be saved to my current ICC 10 progress?

  • Mark says:

    ICC10 and Heroic ICC10 share the same raid id, so you cannot run them seperately. You can, however, mix and match heroic encounters. IE set it to heroic, do a boss, set it back to regular do another boss, etc mid instance.

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