Heroic Ultraxion 25 Down!

Brutal, just brutal.

The DPS race on this one is so tight we have continually just missed it over and over from either simple mistakes and people dying and disconnects. Basically the only way we could get it down was just to have one death and a fast battle rez…. and don’t get me started about how I can’t use shred… seriously, WTF?

I can shred to my hearts content on Deathwing without a positional requirement but not on this fight. GG Blizzard, gimp ferals on the first DPS check in Heroics in DS, we love you too. Yes, I know rogues got shortchanged as well but they get a legendary so it’s a wash.

Anyway, basically as a feral to maximize DPS for this fight you switch Berserk glyph for mangle glyph to boost mangle damage. I have tried both reforging to haste, hit, expertise (Ultraxion doesn’t parry so just enough expertise to avoid dodges) and also to mastery, crit, hit… and so on and so forth, very little change… about none really.

So basically do your best to minimize time out of the Twilight but without cutting it so close you die. Try to max your bleed uptimes which shouldn’t be too tough either. Basically with very little Heroic gear I consistently put out about 35K DPS.

This week we finally start working on Yor’sahj the Unsleeping Heroic. Should be fun.

3 Responses to Heroic Ultraxion 25 Down!

  • Grenache says:

    Grats to you.We are about attempt it this week on 25.

    Are you going bear briefly for the start to gain the tank buff, and then again for your 4T13 healing buff around the 5 minute mark? I am worried about the dps hit I will cop for those 15 secs in bear. Also, a lot of ferals seem to drop the Bloodletting glyph instead of Berserk. Plus swap in the Frenzied regen one.

  • Jacemora says:

    Ok, I don’t know anything about the bear to start trick, would it increase my DPS later in CAT?

    I don’t have 4T13 nor am I expected to use it to help heal anything. In our kill I did have to stay in for one twilight, to live through that I bear and SI which is enough to live. I swap that responsibility with a warrior, he goes first time and I go second in the group rotation but only nights where we need another soaker.

    I will try that glyph recommendation, I guess as long as you are really sharp with downtime jumping out of the twilight refreshing bleeds isn’t a huge deal.

  • Grenache says:

    Oh it wont help dps. Its for the increased barkskin / survival instincts / FR durations to assist your healers. The 15 seconds in bear form is definitely a dps killer but your healers will probably love you for it.

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