Hoping to write more.

So thanks to Kalon (R.I.P another druid blogger) I am reminded that I don’t post nearly enough… which I know.

I honestly miss doing more research and min/max theory but my latest job has me very busy, my growing son has me pretty occupied, my daughter that thinks she is hitting puberty has me frightened, and my wife is trying to constantly remind me she is still living in my house… ok, that is just a joke… she knows I know… would just like me to show it more often than I do now… another project I am working on…

I will try to fit more posts in here when I can… especially gear information because I know that is always something people are trying to get a handle on.

I think it has all been decided that 4T10 is the way to go with the bonus to have rake crit… hard to argue but also hard to get all the emblems necessary to make this a reality any time soon.

I will say that for now it seems my sweet spot is to still use 4T9.25 on stand still fights and to shift to higher ilvl gear with ArP as a focus on fights that require better burst. I have noticed that on long fights that are stationary a kitty counterpart of mine is hitting higher numbers using the ArP soft cap and Grim Toll during the early berserk but focusing on Crit and 4T9.25 has me passing her later in the fight and ultimately staying on top at the end. My guess is that if she replaced a couple items to even out with me both gear mixes would essentially =

So honestly I have nothing interesting to say really except that if you go to WoL and take a look at the top DPSing ferals you will notice most if not all are there because they are rocking Heroic ToGC 25 gear (I don’t have a lick of it) and an ArP trinket of some sort.

Unfortunately for me Heroic ToC 25 gear is just out of reach since I raid sparingly and my social guild does not even venture into ToGC 25 anymore.

Heroic tanking is ridiculously easy, fun ( I have my Perky Pug), and always interesting in some form or another.

P.S. Let me be the first to say Ferals need a legendary weapon in the expansion and it should have a proc that spawns some sort of temporary pet… I have always though druids should not only be able to shift into animals but control them as well… maybe it procs a flock of birds or something?

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