How to fix Kitty DPS?

Give us a ranged AoE like FoK… that should do it.

First let me start by saying, as a hybrid class I don’t have a problem being middle of the pack as melee DPS. Collecting the right gear, I can tank, be a healer, or even be a viable ranged DPS… so I see no reason to QQ that I don’t top the meters.

Second, lets take a look at at the front page of State of DPS and use some rational thoughts on each fight and where we sit compared to other melee (we are going to ignore ranged some what as a melee to range DPS comparison right now goes into a fight mechanics argument about how melee are currently screwed in this tier of content)

  1. Magmaw – We are getting beat by quite a few melee DPS, we are only 400DPS behind Ret Pallies or 2% behind them. Frost DK’s are #1 on this fight and a quick look at the top Frost DK on this fight in WOL shows he did 29% of his damage using Howling Blast… hmmm, numbers bolsterd by DPSing adds… what do you know. Rogues are only slightly behind the DK’s… FoK anyone? By the way, even though SoDps shows DK’s as #1 WoL has a Warrior in that spot… and a look at the parse… Shockwave at 20% of the DPS… yes, on parasites.
  2. ODS – Looking at SoDps we are 5% DPS behind Rogues and a little more behind Unholy DK which I assume are getting a benefit from having a pet on this fight… we are middle of the pack on DPS including ranged.
  3. Chimaeron – We come in tied for 2nd melee DPS on this fight and we are high even including ranged DPS. Apparently we can shred even when in front of this boss which I am sure helps. Rogues are number 1 in this fight and I bet you it is because at the end of the fight they are DPSing hard right at the end while using evasion while I am in a corner waiting for the boss to come after me so I can meld… again, just some common sense observations pertaining to the fight mechanics and what people are doing.
  4. Atramedes – We are behind here and I don’t know about everyone else but I am designated to gong and kite using dash so I have some down time in this fight… even without dash/stampede we run the fastest of the classes so I bet a lot of ferals are doing this for the group.
  5. Maloriak – We are middle of the pack including even ranged. DK’s ranked the highest melee and I will guess frost are getting extra DPS on adds but Unholy being so high is interesting… will have to investigate further cause I find it hard to believe it’s due to an edge from death coil being a ranged attack.

So for now I am going to stop… I have other things I could be doing… I have not done Nef yet myself so I prefer to wait and comment on that fight and the parses after I do. A quick look at BoT shows us middle of the pack on Council and Cho and only slightly behind that on Wyrm and Double Dragons. On Wyrm I would need to take a closer look at why we are so far behind compared to other melee but I am sure it has something to do with that fight on Heroic that I don’t know about because I have not done it on Heroic.

In conclusion, numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. There will always be fights that favor a class, a build, a talent, a glyph, ranged or melee. The one fight where we can sit and just do our thing (Chimaeron) we are at the top and even on that fight I would be surprised if we are not tossing out an innervate, a B rez, doing some end fight kiting, or popping a bark and tranquility. It would be nice to have the same opportunity to bolster our numbers from an AoE on adds during an encounter but I have to question if it is really necessary. Maybe the next Tier of content will see us rise some compared to others but if we stay middle of the pack I for one will still be happy progressing along doing my thing.

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  • Kal says:

    But that’s the thing, Jacemora – there are _no_ fights where cats are at the top. The closest cats come is on Chimaeron, where they’re about 5% behind the top and 9th overall. And that’s the best case – them being about the 3rd best melee you can take.

    Everywhere else they’re at best middle of the pack, and at worst as bad as any regular DPS class/spec. When you compare favorably to ret and enhancement shamen – two specs that are acknowledged by blizzard as in need of improvement – that’s saying something.

    If you’re doing well compared to your guild, that’s awesome. I’m sure your guild loves you for it and you’re a hugely valuable person there. But don’t mistake being a star of a guild for being fair and balanced. Every class has downtime, every class is doing some utility thing that isn’t optimal for DPS or has to stop and recharge or whatever. That’s a constant.

    If you’re being brought because of your utility and not because of your damage output it means blizzard failed.

  • Jacemora says:

    I am being brought because I am a good player, which I believe was Blizzards intent… they would bring me no matter what class/spec I wanted to bring. (Though right now they would prefer a ranged class I am sure, but that is a comp thing)

    Does there need to be a fight where a True Hybrid class consistently puts out the top DPS? We are a 4 way hybrid class at that… Tank, Melee DPS, Range DPS, Healer. I don’t see Ret Pally as #1 on any of the fights either, I see Shadow Priests… lets call them semi hybrid since they can’t tank or melee… and Frost DK on Mag’s (Which was explained by their adds DPS) also semi hybrid as they can’t heal or range DPS.

    I don’t know, I just don’t have an issue playing a class where not only am I viable but with a gear change I could go boom and improve my situation if I really felt it necessary (Which I would love to do on Cho).

    Also, I am not sure about your conclusion that ever class stops to do something utility wise. Raid leaders are more apt to unload a utility move like INT to the feral “because they are low on stateofdps” anyway… let the DK and rogue pew pew while you spec and handle bash kitty. No Way a DK has as many utility options available to them then we do… or any other melee class for that matter.

    Removing Curses and Poisons
    Cyclone MCed
    Stun (Maim)
    Interrupt with Skull Bash
    Battle Rez
    Bear Tank those last few % when tank dies
    Heal (of course just about useless)
    Stampede (pretty useless)

    Seriously… whew.

  • Puffik says:

    Btw, Nefarian is fairly kitty friendly boss, at least the way we do it on 25man, meaning we melee go Onyxia until Nef lands and then it is only Nef, except whan you are on the little island ofc.

  • Kal says:

    Also, I am not sure about your conclusion that ever class stops to do something utility wise. Raid leaders are more apt to unload a utility move like INT to the feral “because they are low on stateofdps” anyway… let the DK and rogue pew pew while you spec and handle bash kitty. No Way a DK has as many utility options available to them then we do… or any other melee class for that matter.

    Every class does something regularly that is not a dps win. Yes, ferals have more options – but of the options you mentioned, very few are used regularly. I mean, you’re listing cyclone; did you list a warlock fearing? You listed stun and maim (ugh), but what about kidney shot or gouge? You wouldn’t want to innervate under most circumstances anyway; the 5k mana just isn’t that special.

    The two big utility abilities that you always care about are tranq and brez. Tranq is awesome but is more awesome from a moonkin. Brez is equally awesome until you have more than 3 druids, then it’s nothing. The rest is very, very rarely situationally potent – but so are things like warlock teleport, mage blink/invis/iceblock, hunter MD/feign/deterrence, rogue…gods, what can’t rogues do? FoK, poisons, interrupts, stuns, mobility, MD. Etc, etc. Yes, druids have a lot they could potentially do, but almost none of it is useful the majority of the time – and even when things are useful (like skull bash) it turns out almost everyone else can simply do it better.

    The point is that every class stops to not do dps and do some utility ability. Most spellcasters have healy-like things. Mages and locks have a lot of threat options along with cool mobility options and then have things like lust or soulstone. Most melee have quite a bit of things they do – chains of ice, warrior stuns/shouts, rogues (mentioned above), enhancement and ret pallies throwing out heals and raid debuffs like divine sac, etc. In the end if you’re not doing that, you’re being a bad raider regardless of class/spec.

    Don’t get me wrong – if you’re short on druids and you have a feral, that’s probably fine. If you don’t have all the brezzes and tranqs then it’s almost certain it’s worth bringing a feral; tranq and brez are hugely powerful. But is it worth 20% less DPS?

  • Tinderhoof says:

    I am a very good feral dps. I am usually at the top of the meters for my guild on lots of melee dps fights. Since 4.06 I have been getting some very stiff comptition as the other classes gear up. Ferals can gear very quickly and then begin to flatten out.

    For fights like Heroic Meloriak ferals are very very poor at. Dispite being one of our best melee dps I was sat for our first kill in favor of 2 try outs who were boomkins. While I was disapointed I can’t complain to much as I told them it was a good idea to do it. For that fight we can’t interupt (costs to much, and hit is way to low), dps on Vile Swill is hard to keep good up time, and tab rake/rip is only so so (no cleve or affordable aoe). Green phase adds we arn’t to bad if you saved berserk for a swipe fest, but as soon as you are out of energy you dip again.

    What I guess I am trying to say is I am a good player, and I don’t bring enough to the table on some progression fights that trials with 4-5 blue pieces are a better option then I am. That is a little depressing.

  • Goodmongo says:

    First off you are not middle of the pack. You are near the bottom. The only way you can say middle is if you include specs of classes like BM hunters, sub rogues etc. Be truthful in what you post and don’t try to mislead.

  • Jacemora says:


    Awesome post!

    I agree, it seems we had a lot of early epic gear options. I would guess the same could be said of rogues too maybe. But yeah, the other melee in my group is catching up quickly… however, we are all now doing very close to same DPS so I am not disheartened.

    The Meloriak issue sounds like it is more a ranged make it easier issue than a feral issue but I could see where other melee do bring more to the table, thus my cry for a swipe change. Maybe swipe deserves a talent in the tree so we would have a viable spec in these situations as opposed to going Boom… I dunno, sounds like a reasonable idea.

    That does suck, about getting subbed by a boom, but I would recommend you get your own boom set with blues. If you are a good player you will pick up the Boom pew, pew easy and since you are already experienced with your mates and fights you will bring more to the table than a new raider.

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