I have been slacking

Sorry so long since last post.

Since last I posted…

It seems like the Summer Blues continue to prevail. I switched guilds because my 10 man team from our new startup from the remnants of Aetherial Circle (With Feeling) stopped raiding. I started running with another 10 man in the guild but they wanted to move to a guild with more activity, raiders, and people running rated BG’s. I have since moved my main to Envy with Team Synergy and we have been pretty successful thus far, especially with the attendance problems summer brings and me fail tanking most nights.

I am pretty hard on myself when bearing it up but I don’t feel that tanking has gotten natural yet. I have tanked every fight in Firelands so I do plan to do a tips and tricks post for both Feral Cats and Bears very soon.

I am pretty ticked that the final fight of the tier is so Kitty unfriendly. They either need to stop designing fights where it is impossible or near impossible to attack from behind or change the positional requirements of shred. Having to waste time finding the sweet spot on Majordomo in scorpion form is downright frustrating as well.

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  • Bear Pelt says:

    I have to agree that some of the fights are frustrating as a melee, but am thankful Ragnaros is not one of them. Majordomo’s sweet spot is at his elbows (within the frontal 180 degree arc); you can stand there, be cleaved during Scythe and still Shred. But careful not to stand too far out during Seed phase though in case you get blown up by folks running out.

    My bigger gripe with Majordomo is how our excess combo points at the kitty adds just drop off into nothing when they day. Switching to adds is frustrating enough, but losing those precious CP makes kitteh sad.

  • Bear Pelt says:

    at the kitty adds just drop off into nothing when they die*
    Whoops epic typo.

  • Eldhorn says:

    Oh there’s a sweetspot? :p I kept an eye on his energy bar and only ran in front when the scythe came. You really should try to get some other melee classes, like combat Rogues, DKs and Warriors (or hell, even hunters and arcane mages should be suitable) to splash those adds down, and you just help out with a couple of autoattacks while Staghelm is jumping out – Sacrificing dps on the adds will lower your chances of a heroic kill, since it’s in Cat phase us melee will shine and be the bulk of the groups dps.

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