I have nothing exciting nor interesting to post really.

Still working on Heroic Rags.

I am going to assume everyone has heard about Pandaville. I am excited about the Monk class. I am not excited about leveling another toon from level 1, however my 5 year old will get a kick (no pun intended) on sitting on my lap and helping me level a Panda Monk (If it is still available Po). I think the baby pets game could be fun while not doing anything else in game or waiting for a raid to start. Blizzard probably added this so everyone could feel like a hunter without having to play SWTOR. If it slows down 5 man pugged instances any slower than they already are I am going to puke. I like the speed rated 5 mans, something fun I think. I like the idea of gear with no stats as rewards for transmorg use.

I have no plans on Race changing to a Panda, of course with that awesome racial I might be reconsidering when progression raiding starts… if they allow Druid Panda’s…. which is unlikely and I assume already not in the plans because it would mean new artwork for Panda Druid forms… well, maybe not bear form… duh.

I am not totally sold on the 4T12 bonus of extending Berserk and I honestly wonder if 2T12 with offset and more shreds < 25% would be better. I do agree that capping Expertise and Hit is worth doing, maybe even with just 2T12. I dunno, I might start playing with my setups some.

I ditched herbalism for leatherworking. So now I am enchanting and leatherworking… fun.

I might do a little raiding tomorrow night in the PTR. Will report back if this actually happens.

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