I know we will find out sooner than later but…

Now I am really freaked out. Read the following post pertaining to the pending DK change of only tanking as blood spec…

In Cataclysm, we are introducing the concept of passive talent tree bonuses and we think that feature is a lot stronger when the talent tree has a particular focus (such as damage, tanking or healing).

So what does this mean for the feral tree which includes both DPS and Tanking talents? Ferals really have 4 trees now.

My guess is 3 possibilities…

  1. We are back to being feral hybrids of tank and dps in 1 build and not be able to do either as well as the other classes (my fear from my previous post)
  2. The Balance tree will become the DPS tree and will merge Kitty and Boom somehow (would be fun if not for the gearing stats issue)
  3. Send balance over to the Resto tree with passive stat bonus going to spell power or haste and split up the DPS and Tank trees.

I guess all we can do is wait and see. My guess is we end up with useless passive stat bonuses for kitty and maybe become the tanks with the most threat?

8 Responses to I know we will find out sooner than later but…

  • Kal says:

    They’ve already said what they’re going to do; the bonuses on mastery are going to look exactly like they do on our tier gear (in cat form, you get x, in bear you get y).

    They’ve also stated they’re not getting rid of cat dps or bear tanking.

    Don’t freak out.

  • Alaron says:

    @agrees with Kai.

    Stop worrying. Feral is only two trees to manage, not six, and they’ve already committed to keeping resto/balance. They’re also committed to not making any class unviable for raiding because of “utility.”

    They seem to like where kitties are, actually. I’d imagine bears will see a much bigger change than cats…oh, and our mastery bonus might be pretty generic.

  • Kal says:

    More specifically – they’ve stated that the mastery bonus for cats will increase their DPS, and the bonus for bears will increase their survivability. I do think it’s likely that it’ll be a bit boring, but chances are that it’s going to at least be vaguely useful.

  • Wolfblitzer says:

    The sky is falling!

    Seriously, they already said what feral mastery will look like. It changes when we shift forms. I like this because it allows kitties to keep the awesome utility of being able to go bear and tank for a second in those oh shit moments. I’ve saved wipes with that before. Especially in T10 4 piece. Enrage+barkskin = win.

  • Jacemora says:

    So we are going to have a mastery bonus depending on our form… that works.


  • Kal says:

    Here’s the specific comment if you’re curious:

  • Aleanathem says:

    “back to 1 build” We did fine in TBC. We were the preferred tank in many a situation and until gear began to separate us we were in the top of dps if played well. I miss being able to do it all in one spec. Not having to change specs between fights. The ability to go bear and save a kill was amazing. I did that many more times in TBC than Wrath.

    Calm down the sky isn’t falling. Being one build wouldn’t ruin us. It was awesome in TBC and is missed sorely.

  • Rahl says:

    Seriously, i think you are worrying about nothing.
    If any huge major change was incoming then they would have pre-warned us like they did with rage normalization and DK 1 tanking tree.

    The way i see things working is using forms.
    Talent into the feral tree for DPS or Tanking as usual but the Tree bonuses only apply in forms.
    Kitty form bonuses – AP ArP 3Rd special one.
    Bear Ones – ? 2Nd the same for all tanking tress ?

    Don’t panic or worry. Kitties are in such a good place without being OP that i don’t think that they will ruin us!

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