ICC 25 Heroic Progression

So my new guild home on Drenden provided me with an opportunity to play a couple of boss encounters in Heroic ICC 25 (as one can tell from my latest achievements) and I have some tips for you.

Valithria Dreamwalker was silly easy on Heroic. DPS gets assigned a side, just run around on your side killing mobs that appear. Make sure if a blazing skeleton appears you prioritize getting it down first. Archmages might need to be stunned, but usually another class is assigned to that duty. Suppressors are the next real important targets and then the rest. I am sure it seemed easy cause we had a lot of healers in the raid and I am sure some really good ones at that.

Sindragosa was a little tougher on Heroic, but not horrible. I believe it took just 3 attempts to down her and only 1 attempt once hitting phase 3. This fight is actually pretty fun for physical dps. This is what I/we did and some tips…

  1. DPS her but watch your Chilled to the Bone stacks as they will get high pretty quickly. I make sure to get in a full rotation and that she has a rake and rip up before I run out of Blistering Cold. Keep in mind the use of barkskin at this time to mitigate damage and help your healers when the stacks get high. I try to disengage at around 7 stacks. Also, burn Berserk right at the pull.
  2. We stacked people getting tombed in the air phase in 2’s. 2 people on the left, 2 center, and 2 on the right at the base of the stairs. Tuck in behind as to line of sight Frost Bomb. DPS the snot out of people in the tombs but be careful and make sure you break people out according to how the raid is directing you. We broke 1 person out and then the second right after the last bomb. Shred works on people tombed, just go through the regular rotation and maximize DPS.
  3. I personally burned my 2nd Berserk to make sure we got her to transition into phase 3 before the 3rd air phase and to be honest holding it for phase 3 most likely will not optimize it’s use as you will be spending time bouncing between tombs and Sindy.
  4. In phase 3 make sure you know where to go if you get tombed. If you are not tombed keep an eye on your stacks of Mystic Buffet and make sure you are running out of LOS using tombs to clear stacks at about 2. Not much time to DPS boss but every little bit helps here, try to get in a rip and rake every time you get to hit her.
  5. Be prepared to run away and sacrifice yourself at the end. With about 5% of her health left I believe we stopped breaking people from tombs and just burned her. I was one of the lucky ones that had to run out and stay tombed… I still managed 7th on DPS with ZERO 25 man heroic gear so I was pretty happy. (WTB Legendary Druid Staff)

No neck dropped (and I would not have bid on it or won it anyway) but I was able to upgrade my last T10 to Sanctified.

I do have the gear now to hard cap ArP but at the loss of a massive amount of hit and having to use the crappy 5 man normal TOC trinket… so that plan has been put on hold. What would be nice would be to get a 264 or 277 weapon with ArP and then gem for hit but so far no such luck.

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  • Euripides says:

    Glad to hear you’re still raiding 🙂 Good luck with your new crew!

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks Euri… yeah, still raiding when I can. We are working on 10 man Heroic LK but taking the week off while Franky is out of town. Hope things are fun for all the guys that went to Bucket List. I hope AC will see a resurgence in Cataclysm when Jason and Steph return to the game.

  • Melthu says:

    Oddly enough, there aren’t any 277 feral weapons with armor pen. Your options for ArP weapons are 264 polearm off heroic 10m Blood Princes, 271 polearms off normal mode 25m or heroic 10m LK, or of course 284 polearm off heroic LK. But honestly, if you put any faith in Rawr you’d be best off just going with the highest ilvl weapon you can get, regardless of ArP, which should be Distant Land (even as a new app you should be fairly high in the list for one since only ferals even want it).

  • Samskeyti says:

    Or have a play with Cryptmaker. Sadly one loses a lot of agility, but the hit and armor penetration is nearly capping me in both hitrating and arpen. rating. I’m looking forward to one day switch back to Distant Land though.

  • Melthu says:

    Yea, Crpytmaker or Bloodfall would work if he can get one, but those are a bit more contested. Distant Land is a staff so only druids and hunters can equip it, and hunters are generally better off with other weapons so basically only ferals ever want one.

  • Jacemcfly says:

    Keep up the good work!! Great post as always.

  • Helistar says:

    Melthu’s advice is sound. If you want ArPen cap the polearm from princes 10HM is very good, it has hit, arpen and sockets to spare. Also, it’s likely noone else will want it 🙂
    I’ve used Cryptmaker in the past, not sure it’s a good idea, since you lose a ton of crit. For overall DPS Distant Land is definitely better and it will get even better with the new Halion trinket (+163 static arpen), which will also free some sockets for hit rating.

  • Dysheki says:

    Melthu, can I have your weapon? kthx >.<

    Grats on your heroic progress Jacemorea.

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