Initial impressions of the latest patch and raid content.

So impressed with 4.2

1. New quest chain and cut scenes were pretty cool. You get a sweet epic cloak at the end for FREE!
2. New raid content mechanics seem fun (we wiped all night trying to steer a boss by dpsing his feet).
3. Firelands raid has lots of trash. You don’t have to clear it all but is there if you want to farm early rep and epic patterns/weapons. It not difficult, stay clear of turtles.
4. I want to say my dps is higher but Recount was broke.
5. Happy that most adds are completely functional.(Gatherer doesn’t like Firelands area for those of you getting LibMap errors.)
6. Happy I was able to log in before 9pm est.
7. IBTL… Changes to CC are so hax.

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