It’s time for a change…

No, I am not talking about another MMO or video game to occupy my time!

I am talking about a new video card because I am tired of pulling 3 FPS while tanking a bazillion mobs in Thorims arena.

I am looking at the 9600GT on the cheap side and the GTX260 on the pricey side. I feel with my typical latency of 120ish a video card upgrade could really make the game much more enjoyable. I am tired of having to go from windowed mode 1900x12xx to full screen mode whatever resolution in order to play effectively. Funny, Hodir was actually fine but then Thorim got bad… I think it might have to do with the card getting too hot but I would rather just upgrade from the 8600GTS to a small processor nm and less power draw and heat.

Anyone have any thoughts on what video card I should buy… going to CompUSA tonight!

On that note, I can’t believe we downed Thorim with my pulling 3 FPS and tanking… it was brutal… and my arm was sore after about 5-6 attempts prior… of course this was after tanking Hodir which can wear one out as well, thank goodness we one shot him so I had something left for Thorim.

On an awesome note, we 1 shot Hodir, had no NPC’s die, and no raiders die… Whoa.

We moved on to just a couple attempts on Freya… ouchies… the new learning curve started last night… and it’s a steep one I fear.

Still no upgrades for me… I am pretty far down on the pecking order for T8.5 since I got my gloves… at this point everyone needs to get a piece of tier 8.5 before I can get a second… damn Emalon dropping T8.5 only I could use… grrrr.

I am still in a DKP holding pattern for the XT staff. I can really use the hit so I will be happy to have it. I will be able to ditch my Dawnwalkers finally and hopefully get some new kicks from Ignis or maybe move my Runed Ironhide Boots for DPS. Of course I can always fall back to my Footwraps of Vile Deceit.

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  • Molesh says:

    Well I recently purchased a EVGA285 which is one of the high end gaming graphics cards. And you really can’t notice a difference unless you have a good CPU to pair it up with. Especially in raiding. I was previously using a 7800. I didn’t notice much of a difference after the upgrade, and I think that’s because i’m using a outdated dualcore processor. Do some researching and make sure it’s not just your video card that needs an upgrade.

  • Jacemora says:


    I agree. I went ahead and bought a 9600GT and although the performance did improve some it was not as big of an improvement as I expected from the 8600GTS.

    I am running the E6600 and I am thinking moving up into an Intel Quad processor. I also ordered another 2 Gigs of ram to bring me to 4G.

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