Kitties be ready

Patch 4.0.1 is on the way. As most know this is the start of the Cataclysm event and many things will change. The following is going to dramatically change your ability to DPS…

  1. Loss of FAP (Feral Attack Power).
  2. ArP is no more, your ArP gems become Crit gems (and that sucks)
  3. Talents change (You will lose expertise and crit)

There are a thing or 2 changing as well, but these are the big 3… well, and the change to Savage Roar… you can read about it.

A few good sources of specific changes that detail why our DPS is going to stink come the patch…

The Summary:

In order just to keep your DPS above hunter and lock pets you will need to re-gem Agility, Reforge for either Mastery or Haste, and switch gear or gem to pick up a little expertise.

OK, so maybe that explanation is a little melodramatic, however that is honestly what it looks like is going to happen. A 14K DPSing kitty in Icecrown will be putting out about half the DPS they were… probably about 8k-ish. People are saying Bear DPS is higher than kitty post patch.

My short term advice…

  1. Be prepared to respec to Boom. Hopefully you have been picking up caster items that would have been otherwise DEed.
  2. Be prepared to take a vacation until Cata hits where your low DPS won’t really matter during leveling. If you stay kitty don’t bother dropping a bunch of gold on new agility gems, just take a break and replace your gear a week or 2 into Cataclysm.
  3. Finish out Wrath having fun playing your Hunter or other Alt.

My long term advice…

  1. Level Boom in Cata, because you will be less broken. Continue to check back to my site and I will let you know when Feral Kitty is again viable.
  2. Keep caster gear rewards where there are no melee / melee leather rewards. Where there are good melee DPS rewards be cautious if there is a good caster reward instead.
  3. Consider doing more quests for gear even after hitting 85 so you have options.
  4. Do not suddenly spend Justice points until things get sorted out. If your friends are ready for Heroics and Raiding at some point you might have to commit to casting in Cataclysm at least for the first tier if they don’t fix our DPS way before then.

Kitty DPS has been really fun in Wrath, I hope it can continue in Cataclysm but I am not holding my breath. A return to Bear/Cat Utility spec, Tanking, or becoming a caster looks to be in our future.

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  • zelmaru says:

    Well that’s just downright depressing. I really don’t like ANY of the cata changes for ANY druid spec. I’m going to cry in the corner.

  • Kurok says:

    The sky is not falling.

    Numbers can be tweaked very quickly. The patch is not guaranteed to go live next Tuesday. Druids are not the only class with number or bug problems on the PTR or Beta realms. There are plenty of knobs to easily turn to tweak our DPS quickly.

    Don’t Panic – The sky is not falling.

  • Russ says:

    While I’m not in beta, I’ve been following you and Kalon along your journeys through it, and this post goes right along with what I’ve been thinking/feeling.

    The sky may not be falling, but we are reaching the point where time is short, and those of us who love playing as cats are growing quite anxious.

    On one hand, they haven’t done the “numbers pass,” which gives me a modicum of hope. On the recent Hunting Party Podcast, Frostheim was saying that on a premade, geared level 85 toon, even hunters are only doing slightly more damage/dps than they do at 80 on live. If this is the ultimate intention of the developers (for DPS to sit at about that level), then that’s fine. But hopefully an across-the-board damage-increasing adjustment will make the differences between 80 (now) and 85 (patch and beyond) more apparent.

    On the other hand, to take the progress that was made in Wrath and allow it to be un-made in the case of cat dps leaves us with an awful feeling. It looks like we (in particular) will fall far below other classes. Perhaps they soon WILL do what we all think they should do, which is heavily adjust us so that we are within, say, 5-10% (instead of 50%) of a pure-dps class’s output. If that happens, things will be relatively well in kitty-land. But we’ve been hearing for weeks that the numbers pass is impending… and the longer we go without some serious adjustment, that impending feeling is doom.

    Thanks a ton for the info and advice, Jace. Personally, I am ill-equipped to handle the situation you describe, at least in the short-term. My non-kitty gear consists of a hodge-podge mix of Wrathful and Furious gear… so I’d have a way to go before I could convert that to a boomy set. However, I might do so. My druid is my main, and I am determined to keep it that way… in the meantime, I’ve also got a hunter that is rapidly approaching 80, so I do have one option if the sky falls and doesn’t get fixed. 🙂

  • Russ says:

    *make that Wrathful and Furious RESTO gear.

  • Jacemora says:

    @Zel – Me too.

    @Kurok – I dunno, I hope you are right.

    @Russ – I would say anxiety caused this post. It would be nice if a blue would directly address just how much worse Cat DPS is than the rest of the changed classes.

    Again, I believe on the short term before Cata we will be bad off. I also think we won’t be much better come Cata and Cat’s won’t get really fixed until we are in the first tier of Cata content. What stinks is do you collect feral gear while leveling if kitty DPS is going to be underwhelming for an unspecified amount of time. Bottom line, although Boomkins are not completely fixed they did seem to get more attention and will most likely do WAY more DPS than a kitty initially in the expansion.

    I also do not want to change mains and the ability to just tank or play another spec will prevent that from happening.

  • Bear Pelt says:

    I’m hoping Blizzard is just being slow about putting down the finishing touches on us. Everyone will be thrown into disarray when the new changes comes and as a still raiding guild, the first week after that is going to be hell in Azeroth for certain.

    I’ll never give up on feral. Even if it gets broken/ nerfed to the ground, I’m clinging onto it like a famished leech. You can’t take me away from it, Blizz! *rawrs*

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  • April says:

    Oh my word I hope something can be done. Why would they do that to us feral kitties… I love cat.. I hope some changes come for us.
    I too will never give up on feral. Never…

  • Random Poster says:

    If it really does work out that way I won’t be playing after patch 4.0 until Cataclysm releases. That’s just depressing. It felt good to be useful in raids as a DPS. Hell for my 10 man raids this will be a significant blow somewhat lesser in our HM 25’s) as I am generally the top 1-2 DPS and we don’t have anyone capable of replacing me at the moment due to burn out.

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