Koralon Down, XT 25 Hard Complete

Last night we downed the new boss in VoA, Koralon. He is a big pansie and just another loot pinata in Wintergrasp. We promptly 25 man 1 shot him to end our night and he is as melee unfriendly as the other bosses in VoA.

We also 1 shot XT Hard mode in 25. I only turned around to DPS sparks if my rotation allowed it. Basically if I had just done a 5pt refresh of SR, a 5pt Bite, or 5pt Rip. Otherwise I let the other DPS handle them which worked fine as even when I did turn around the sparks were usually dead or I was just able to get a hit or 2 on them.

I know having to come off XT is not ideal but our raid was melee heavy and I was still able to maintain 7K DPS through the fight.


Due to a lack of certain raiders we didn’t get to even try Heroic ToC this week. Hopefully I will have something to report back on this front this week.

Tonight I am hoping to get back into Ulduar 10 and get my Hard modes wrapped up by doing FL, Freya, and Yogg hard and joining my guildies flying around on Rusted Drakes.

Not sure if downing Algalon is in my stars (no pun intended) which is unfortunate cause my favorite thing in game to collect are titles (“Herald of the Titans” would be really cool, but looking even more unlikely than “Starcaller”). Bottom line is with limited playing time I can’t raid 10 man content on off nights forever and 25 man content continues to be my focus until 10 man raiding gets the same recognition/upgrades as 25… which I assume will never happen.

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