Lich King Down.

Gratz to my fellow 10 man players as tonight we finally downed the Lich King.

  • Celliana – “Can you taunt this spirit off me now”
  • Jefferson – “Argent Defender proc’d so I can keep him a little longer”
  • Justeroo – “Let me tweak my spec to handle that”
  • Jacemora – “Let me respec for a PvP/tanking talent just in case”
  • Kiya – “Damn it, one of these specs will do the trick”
  • Thionia – “Why when Arthas sneezes do I die”
  • Tildainer – “I will rez Jace as soon as I get out”
  • Frathlight – “bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, repeat”
  • Alpacaa – “You want me to bother tranc shotting that?”
  • Zabery – “Jace, can you farm some Flame Cap I want to see something”

Not bad, all in all we had about 5 hours of work on him across 3 days. A couple keys to the kill…

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice… we were able to get to phase 3 on every attempt once we got the first 2 down and it was from all the experience and practice.
  2. Tweaking to get every last ounce of DPS… still had 1:30 on the enrage though so not too bad.
  3. The Alpha update of DBM… a big help as less talking needed to go in vent about the cast timers which freed up for more important info.
  4. Reading lots of strats… a big initial help from Vallen and then some tweaking from some other strats out there to handle phase 3

I still need to do a full on kitty post on the whole of ICC, will try to get to that this week in between starting our heroic modes campaign.

4 Responses to Lich King Down.

  • Frathlight says:

    I think we should add this to the quotes:

    Jacemora: “so ‘now’ can I go BBBooooooooomkin? I wanna try BBBooooooomkin…”


  • Jacemora says:

    Yeah, now we have Heroic ICC 10 so still no boomkin for me… T.T

    Zab and I did a VoA 25 pug by the way and with only 2 druids in the raid, both feral, the T10 Boom pants dropped and I lost the roll… /sigh

  • Singh says:

    Gz on the kill!

    Now a little QQ:

    After 6 hours and 28% at best with my druid main I was called to join our second group with my holy paladin alt.

    The second group had a disc priest.

    That pretty much says it all, with Infest no longer a game mechanic and with extra protection on Vile Spirit explosions it’s A LOT easier. I’ve never seen a single spec change an encounter like this.

    So now my alt got the Kingslayer title… well well.

  • Jacemora says:

    Gratz! But yeah, having our Disc Priest is crucial.

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