Lich King not a big fan of the Kitteh



On a positive note we did clear the Frostwing Halls, move into #1 in 10 man progression on the server, strengthen our hold on #1 in 10 man achievements rank on the server, and get phase 1 of Arthas down. We had a real fun night of figuring out the best way to handle Sindragosa and now that she is down we can focus our efforts in downing the Lich King.

Today I am going to try and get my gear page updated, at least my kitty gear… I currently am dabbling with a dual spec of Kitty / Balance so an update of my bear gear will have to wait.

Boom Chicken is fun but is not as rewarding from a damage standpoint if you master your rotations… that bonus is still the kitty upside.

Visit back soon as I am going to try and get a post up summarizing kitty DPS in ICC up to Arthas.

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