Looking for a few leet raiders

With Feeling (my guild on Drenden) is currently looking for a few awesome raiders to add to our ranks.

We are currently running 3 10 man raids (we don’t like organizing 25’s) and at least 2 of our groups have some spots to fill.

My group needs a Tank (Warrior preferred, no bears), a caster DPS (Prefer Mage or Lock), and maybe even a healer/dps. These spots are intended to raid anywhere from 3-7 hours per week depending on everyone’s availability and when we can all raid. Right now we run Tue and Thur nights 7:45pm EST to 10:30pm-11:00pm EST and we might add Sunday into the rotation. I believe we will need new people to commit to at least 1 raid night with a possible 2nd and the rare third.

Apply HERE

4 Responses to Looking for a few leet raiders

  • Goodmongo says:

    No bears? On a druid site? And no cats either? So much for a vote of confidance to the class. 🙂

  • Jacemora says:

    It’s a 10 man and we try to balance the group so we don’t have a lot of people needing the same tokens and gear.

  • Qbear says:

    Hehe I was also gonna state how can u ask for different classes other then druids on a druid blogsite but someone beat me to it!!! much luv Jace gl on ur search

  • Jacemora says:

    Heh… cause I am our druid silly! But honestly we have room in the guild for just about everything and anything in particular ranged DPS, a tank, and maybe some heals.

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