More gear testing.

Ok, so I have decided after being underwhelmed with the 2T9 bonus to swap back to my T8.5 gloves and go back to the 4T8 bonus for now.

I have also gemmed to get my ArP to 600… I mean right at 600. This took 4 ArP gems so now I am running with 4 agility gems and 4 ArP gems in my red sockets.

I really felt my DPS was best when I mixed agility and ArP gems and I am trying to find that balance again.

Unfortunately in the change my Hit dropped to 220. I am going to see how that factors into my DPS and I can always switch back to my T9 gloves if it becomes an issue. I really don’t like being the guy asking for a Dran to be in my party so if misses are out of control I will have to change something up. Personally even with a Dran in the party I like being hit capped because if/when they die no more 1% to hit.

The worst part of testing this change is I am doing 2 things at once which is a no, no… changing tier bonus and gemming at the same time… heck, I am even ditching my Mirror for Banner to get to that 600 number so I can try and see what the fuss is all about. This means my Crit fell… I mean really fell. So I am ditching a good amount of Crit and a little hit for more ArP. Last time I tried this it was epic fail, going to see how it goes this time with the new weapon and trinket.

Most likely I will end up seeing very little change. Alaron over at The Fluid Druid has basically explained what I have felt all along and that is without the ArP proc trinkets gemming for agility is about equal with gemming for ArP.

The only reason I am testing the ArP water again is that we are now working on Heroic Ulduar fights and the changes in the fights seem to be messing with my rotations and RNG more and I am starting to feel guaranteed harder melee hits might pay off on these fights.

I will let everyone know as I yet again blow resources trying to min/max for research… what can I say, I get bored not testing the waters… it’s not like a 5% DPS swing either way is going to kill me.

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