More Props for my 10 man mates!

Last night we once again rocked ToC 10. For the second week in a row no wipes and Anub down with 50 tries left. Still no DPS cloak, this one went to a healer. With all the ToC heroic we have ran we still have people getting upgrades which is nice.

Missed the mount again but at least another druid got it…. jk 🙂

So last night… We got another server 1st.

Resilience Will Fix It (10) – Not too tough. A solid game plan and constant communication is all that is needed here.

And the rest…

Next week the plan is to get A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity (10) which will most likely be  a server first. And maybe Alone in the Darkness.

6 Responses to More Props for my 10 man mates!

  • I feel your pain, we’ve gotten it five weeks in a row now and not only have I still not won the mount, neither of the cloaks I’m interested in has dropped yet. That stupid agility one always drops! On the plus side, I guess I roll against fewer people for that horse every week! 🙂 GL on your cloak and mount!

  • Dabeasty says:

    What are your tactics on Anub 10 (heroic)? Thats where we struggle currently.

  • I don’t know about Jacemora, but I know our group uses 2 healers (for the extra DPS) and we only have one kite phase. Blow hero as soon as you get into P3, and we usually use 2 CDs on the tank (shield wall, and priest angel) before he dies.

  • Jacemora says:

    Ditto… we even healed it last week with 1 healer in P3 cause our 2nd healer was DCed.

  • Dabeasty says:

    Do you have all dps on Anub till he burrows then take adds then?

  • Jacemora says:

    We DPS down the first set of adds then leave the 2nd set. After Anub burrows we kill the 2nd set of adds with Melee while ranged kill the other adds running around.

    The key is to get Anub down to less than 60% before his first burrow and for people to not get hit by the beetle adds for the healers will not be able to keep people up in phase 3 if they have been hit too many times by the debuff.

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