My first Wrath Mount! And other fun…

As you can see from my achievements on the right I had some fun last night.

Downing Mimiron 10 man hard was a complete blast! It took 7 tries but it was without a doubt the most fun I have had raiding in quite some time. I really think Hard Modes have been unfairly treated as they are pretty challenging and a ton of fun, not to mention quite different from the original encounters usually.

After Mim we went over to IC and hard mode on that was pretty effortless… at least from where I was standing nom nom on buttz.

People can say what they want about which ideology they follow for kitty DPS but going with “what feels right” which takes a little bit of gearing theory from the 3 bigs (RAWR, Toskks, and FBN) I pulled top DPS in 2 of 3 hard mode encounters so I continue to be happy where I am at. On our Ignis zerg I actually pulled 6600DPS in a 10 man… needless to say I was thrilled. Our resident crazy DPS lock beat me in IC due to me saving combo points for maim and getting more power runes so I was still happy with 2nd. I continue to take the top spots in 25 man DPS as well so for now I am going to be very cautious about changing my stat balance.

I would have to say that I am really enjoying being a feral kitty as opposed to a bear. I can’t imagine how stressed out I would be trying to tank an encounter like Mim hard or Sarth 3D. I pray that Blizzard leaves us cats alone, it is nice to actually be wanted from a DPS standpoint for a change and nice to have that option to play.

We later went on to Sarth 3D, took about the same amount of tries to Zerg it down as it did to kill Mim… rolled a 93 and recieved my first Wrath mount! Yes my first. I have not bought or won any new mount unless you count a couple AQ40 ones I got since the expansion. So you might see me flying around on my nice shiney new Black Drake. Thanks to my dedicated 10 man guildies that are making this happen for some people as I think we are going to try and do this weekly so everyone can get the mount. It really is awesome as it is like a mini Sarth… lol… will be fun to show it off to my server friends.

So the plan is to try Algalon Tuesday night. I plan on reading tips from Vallen for both Yogg and General hardmodes as well since after the hour we have for Algalon we will still have them to do.

Hopefully someday I might have my Rusted Proto-Drake but I still need the following hard modes…

The other core raiders in my 10 that have been working on this for a while only have Yogg and General left so if I actually can find the time to do some of the previous ones with them… and they still want to do them for that matter… I have a chance at the mount.

If not there is always Brewfest and my Violet Proto-Drake so I can get the 310% flight speed in flight form.

2 Responses to My first Wrath Mount! And other fun…

  • Vallen says:

    Hey Jace, glad you’re having fun in Ulduar again. 🙂

    If you knocked off firefighter you should have no difficulties with any other hard modes in Ulduar. Since our move to our new server we’ve knocked off another 25 man hard mode (hodir). Working on IC now.

  • Jacemora says:

    Awesome! Gratz! I can’t imagine what it is like to have 25 people in a raid capable of doing hard mode… must be really cool.

    Yeah, I have heard FireFighter is the toughest… going for Algalon next I think and then General and Yogg hard.

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