News Flash, Boomkin is seriously easy.

So last night when I decided to compare Boom and Kitty DPS on a target dummy I witnessed the UI changes from Blizzard (yes, these are probably in beta also but all my beta time has been as a kitty) and my gosh they are making it almost dummy proof within the packaged UI to caster DPS.

As boomkin when you get to an eclipse the spell you should now be casting lights up on your cast bar including your nuke when off CD.

Seriously? Awesome.

Blizzard is making it so DPS spend less time watching procs, buffs, and DoTs and more time watching for fire, void zones, or other game elements.

Will it work and improve the player base so more people can accomplish end game content?

I am going with yes, but just a small increase. I have played with enough people that this alone still won’t make a difference.

Want people to see more endgame content Blizzard? Remove mechanics that are 100% RNG and try to limit fights to skill, gear, and experience. RNG is nice and all but when you have to spend an extra 2 hours or 2 weeks killing a boss because the stars have to align even though everyone is a good player and knows that fight something is wrong.

It’s like playing a football game, winning on the scoreboard, and then having to flip a coin to see if you need to play the whole game over before it counts… lol

I don’t know, maybe that “luck” variable is important too. It adds an element of chance to the game beyond simple mechanics rolls that keeps the addicts coming back for more.

Anyway, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there. Boom is noobalicious, and from what I hear so are other ranged/casting classes now with the UI change. My RIP does not flash when it drops off or FB light up when I hit 5 combo points and a RIP is still up so I guess we still get to claim to be one of the harder class/spec to play. I think even though they made cat mechanics a little more forgiving there is still a place for the pro kitty and they will get a little higher in the meters for it.

On that note, word has it Fbn is broke and will not be fixed until Cataclysm. Ovale is functional, but looks to have bad suggestion code from what I saw playing around with it last night. I suggest getting something like NeedtoKnow to watch your bleeds and on boss fights just be aware of when to swap out FB to refresh RIP toward the end of a fight.

Good luck Kitties.

7 Responses to News Flash, Boomkin is seriously easy.

  • Kal says:

    I’ve got a working copy of FbN (not the lite, the new version) that adds some support for nom nom nom and somewhat improves bleed uptime recommendations. There are a couple issues (notably tracking shreds on rips) but otherwise it does function as before.

    Let me know if you want me to upload it somewhere.

  • zelmaru says:

    So far so good for me with FBN-Lite. It only contains the next move tracker and no timers (so I use Fortexorcist in addition). Droodfocus is not updated yet (sadpanda). I wonder if EJ or Fluiddruid forums have a new custom script for Ovale as they did in the past.

  • zelmaru says:

    Speaking of ovale, a few entries later in my feedburner, I found that fluiddruid indeed has a link for new and improved ovale scripts.

  • Jacemora says:

    Get info guys, that’s for posting it up!

  • Helistar says:

    Wait, you say that boomkin is easy because you have buttons lighting up and then you suggest using FbN and Ovale, which are even worse because they tell you EXACTLY which button to press?


  • Jacemora says:

    Fbn and Ovale do not work that well, if you follow them blindly you are not getting your best DPS output. Most people I know use it just for a better alternative to buff and CD timers. That being said it is more pointing out that the player base that does little to no research on their class/game will not necessarily be a DPS liability in groups…. short of still standing in the fire… lol.

  • Redhawks says:

    While I agree that the moonkin rotation is easier than cat DPS rotation, having played both at different times, to say that it is just easy is not completely true either. There is a lot of little things that separate good moonkins from great moonkins. And the light up buttons are on all the classes now. I’m sure there are things even for kitty DPS that pop up now.

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