OMG. I can’t remember being this excited…

…about a weapon since wanting the Terestian’s Stranglestaff from Kara back in BC.

Now comes the Fandral’s Flamescythe!
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Blizzard… smart move if you are trying to get feral druids REAL excited about this expansion. I honestly can’t wait to get this sucker… my guess is however I will relive the Stranglestaff curse and it will take FOREVER to actually fall for me.


2 Responses to OMG. I can’t remember being this excited…

  • Eiki says:

    I’m also pumped! I love your analogy with the squidstick… but for me back then the one that I was really after and took a while to drop was the wildfury greatstaff (I’ve been a bear from post-innervate spec up until recently where my 25man guild needed me more as a kitty).

    Speaking of which, feels good to be the only kitty in the guild with that baby looming out in the near future. I just have to keep the hunters at bay until I get my hands on it. I’ve just got heroic malevolence yesterday which should keep me good weapon-wize until that baby (which is, unlike Halfus, pretty deep in the raid this time).

    Btw, I’m still awaiting your ‘after 1 week’ report on reforging to haste and using 4pc set.



  • Jacemora says:

    Lucky get on the Heroic staff. I have killed Heroic Hal about a dozen times and it has yet to fall.

    I will put up a quick post on my 4T11 hijinks.

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