OMG, I finished WOW.

After months of fighting and killing the Lich King on normal 10/25 man I was finally lucky enough to get the kill in Heroic 25. It’s hard to put into words how satisfying it was to finally complete that fight at that level.

Many thanks goes out to the guild officers and members in Dsylxeic for finding a way to continue on in Wrath and not only get him down the first time a couple weeks ago but to continue to go through the content each week and help those of us that were not in on the first success. I watch many guilds fall apart this close to an expansion and the job the officers have done to keep the raids happening has been awesome.

On another note, I wanted to mention how they are rewarding Invincible. Unlike a lot of hard core guilds that would probably just loot council it out, they devised a method to take each persons time invested in ICC and create piece of pie that represents commitment. Each piece has a randomly assigned range of numbers 1-1,000,000 and a roll is done to see what piece and player wins. I don’t know who thought this up but what an excellent way to fairly reward the people who you play with.

I was actually lucky enough to have my piece win last night, which has to be some kind of luck becuase I have to assume my slice is pretty darn thin (though I never really looked). I passed on the mount knowing there were quite a few players WAY more invested than I to get us to where we are now (Farming LK Hero 25) and people that having the mount would mean a whole lot more to.

Mounts are cool, but I play the game to have fun. I know many others get more satisfaction than I collecting mounts or rare game items so it didn’t make sense for me to take it. It’s the same reason I don’t have Anzu, a Tiger or Raptor mount, yada, yada, yada…. just not fun.

Beating hard content is fun, and no mount could have been more satisfying than getting Light of the Dawn accomplished.

Now the Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher… That’s a different story. That would be fun.

4 Responses to OMG, I finished WOW.

  • gathros says:

    Big grand gratz
    cant say im gonna get there tho.
    nice loot system 🙂

  • Karalana says:

    We couldn’t believe that you passed on it, but seeing your reasoning here (if belatedly) it makes sense.

    Stoopidloki suggested the ‘pieces of pie’ method and I turned the concept into code integrated with our dkp site. It auto adjusts each time someone win’s taking out there slice (and portion of icc dkp) and redistributes the numbers based off of % of ICC dkp earned by all members whom have not already won the mount.

    Not sure what your slice was when you ‘won’, but it’s currently 13,969/1,000,000 (list can be found here:


  • Jacemora says:

    Again, that is a real cool way to do it. Nice work on the code Kara!

  • Rahl says:

    Huge grz to you and the guild!!

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