Only 3 bosses left in 10 man Ulduar

Here is a little recap of our first big push into 10 man progression.

  • 1st night we downed Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, Kologarn and then worked on Ignis some.
  • 2nd night we downed Ignis, Auriaya, Hodir and worked on Freya.
  • 3rd night we downed Assembly, Freya, Thorim and worked on Mimiron.

We continue to do everything in easy mode trying to give as much time as possible to get further along and learn the basics for our 25 man runs. For time sake we will most likely use the Zerg tank in water strategy for Ignis. With Freya as long as people are using Deadly Boss Mobs and paying attention to the health of all 3 adds on the “kill the 3 dudes within 10 sec of each other” the encounter is not bad at all. We actually 2 shot Hodir, 1 shot Freya (after a night of wipes), and 2 shot Thorim. On Thorim I switched to bear spec but wore a mix of MT and DPS gear to help tank and dps the adds in the arena. This really helped keeping everyone alive and putting out some good AoE using swipe and glyphed maul.

Getting down Mimiron is going to be a pain. OMG there is so much to remember and so many abilities to keep track of.

I did get some nice upgrades this week.

So now I am rocking the 2T8 bonus for DPS. My T7.5 legs are now on Tanking duty and the Tunic is for kitty duty. I am really looking forward this week to see how the 2T8 procs.

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  • ARA says:

    Cool, let us know what you find out about procs. I’m still a sad bear because the lacerate proc is so useless – I have 2pt8 too, but have not bothered to check the proc rate for obvious reasons. We didnt get to Yoggy on 10man in the end the other night – not enough time & too many silly wipes on trash. Good idea to do Mimiron on 10man before 25 man – it is a LOT easier in 10man, because the essence of the encounter is “do you have enough raiders who can pay enough attention for long enough?” – clearly, going to be harder in 25 than in 10. I would suggest skipping the optional bosses and pushing for the last three early in the week, then go back and finish those at the end of the week. Good luck.

  • ARA says:

    F!@# yeah! Idol of the corruptor off our first general kill!!!! There’s been so many reports of ferals getting this puppy, it makes me think they stack the loot tables just to make up for the fact that’ve we’ve been waiting 2 years for it.

    Oh well, next week beckons, lets see how far we get!

  • Jacemora says:

    Gratz! I hope that sucker drops for me on the first kill 😛

  • Aleanathem says:

    My only question is do you use 2 T7/T8 or just 2 T8 for dps? I just finished regeming to keep hit cap and use both. Currently using T8.5 helm, T8 shoulders, T7.5 chest, and T7.5 gloves. Just some feral though. =)
    Great progression as well! I’m only on General in both 10 and 25(another guild group got General, but I was on alts lol). Still hoping for the staff you linked in another post. It looks amazing. Great site!

  • Jacemora says:

    Thanks for visiting!

    As far as I can tell for Kitty DPS you want to be in 2T7 and 2T8 for the bonuses. I am not sure as we reach BiS gear how much this will change to just 2T8 but I am sure we will get some theory crafters that will cover this once people are getting deep into hard modes. I am guessing at some point the shear stats on some hard mode gear will out weigh the 2T7 bonus…. I doubt anyhting will replace the resurrected 2T4 bonus we now get from 2T8 though.

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