Pre Wrath Raid gear revisted.

So you are new to WOW and your druid just hit 80 and you have decided to try your hand raiding as a feral druid.


You have rolled a feral druid alt and you just hit 80 and want to spend some time away from your main and want to start raiding 25 man with him/her.

Here is a post for all of you.

Let me start first by saying the best way into Naxx 25 is to be prepared to tank or dps. This means you have 2 options.

  1. Spend the gold for dual talent specialization.
  2. Hybrid feral spec for both tanking and dps

That being said here is the gear you want your hands on. I will list both easy to get (quest gear), a little tougher to get (instance drops), and takes time to get (BoE that are expensive on AH, faction gear that takes grinds, gear that costs Heroic badges, or even arena gear).




  • Only 1 option here for any respectable feral to make, Trollwoven Spaulders crafted and great for both tanking and DPS.


  • Another just do it item – Ice Striker’s Cloak which is another crafted piece. Sure you might have a good rare level cloak already but people taking you to raids want to see purple. However they also want to see +hit so don’t replace Cloak of the Gushing Wound if you already happen to have it.


  • Easy – Exotic Leather Tunic quest reward from Junk in My Trunk.
  • Tougher – Darkheart Chestguard which takes Ebon Hold Exalted which takes time but at least you can work on it alone.
  • IMPORTANT – Heroes’ Dreamwalker Raiments which costs 80 Heroic badges but you want to get to the 2T7 bonus as quickly as possible.
  • Easy, Important, and Kept – Polar Vest – A great starting item especially if you need stamina which you will on some Naxx fights and Frost Resist which is also going to come in handy tanking certain Wrath bosses. Put all +Stamina gems in it. Don’t try to balance the piece with other stats or get the socket bonus.




  • Another best choice in my opinion – Trollwoven Girdle which is another crafted item.
  • Polar Cord – Another stamina item and Frost Resist item you will need situationaly. Add a socket and put all +Stamina gems in it. Don’t try to balance the piece with other stats or get the socket bonus.







  • Not many options here for the new Feral Druid…
  • Idol of the Wastes from quest My Old Enemy also for tanking Idol of the Plainstalker from Get Me Outa Here!
  • Idol of Perspicacious Attacks from 3 PvP quests in grizzly hills for the 30 coin needed to buy it.
  • IMPORTANT – Try to find time for 15 Heroic badges and get the Idol of the Ravenous Beast
  • OPTIONAL – Once you get decently geared at level 80 consider going back and soloing some heroic BC content for badges to buy Idol of Terror. You only need 20 badges so the grind won’t be horrible and it is the best in slot idol til Ulduar loot. At only 10 more agility on proc though your time might be better served just sticking with the Plainstalker mentioned previously.

Well, good luck in your endeavors of playing a feral druid into endgame raiding. You should find the flexibility of going from really good DPS to strong tank very rewarding.

16 Responses to Pre Wrath Raid gear revisted.

  • blah says:

    I am not a fan of stacking stamina at the cost of important or not that important stats but especialy for a bear the frost-resist gear has a lot to offer in terms of raw surviveability wich should make it easier for the healers to keep the bear alive in his first 5-10 heroic instance runs (or while being carried through naxx as the 2nd tank)

  • Shifthead says:

    I think A mistake was made on the hand section. YOu Get the Heroes Dreamwalker Handgrips which are tier 7 from Emblems of Heroism not the Valorous Dreamwalker Handgrips which are tier 7.5 .

  • Jacemora says:


    Thanks, going to fix that.

  • Raptured says:

    Nice guide, I got some naxx25 and some ulduar pieces but this guide really helped me get my last couple of items.
    Now I just need a nice head.

    Tip for next time: Try to make it Double sided, like, Druids for Druids. Instead of Aliance druids only. It would’ve taken less then 2 minutes to figure out the Horde Quests for the Idols.

    But one HELL of a nice guide to help ppl!

  • Jacemora says:


    Yeah, I realized that I have ignored the horde side on a lot of gear type posts. I am going to try and hit on both in the future. Glad I was of some help.

  • jessica says:

    Where do I get my hit?

  • Jacemora says:


    Although hit is important as a feral kitty you do not want to focus on hit so much that you gimp your other stats. Once you start running Naxx gear with more hit will start falling and you will start to get more well rounded.

    Currently the goal for feral kitties to maximize DPS is to stack armor pen while getting as close to the hit cap as possible.

    Armor Pen only becomes a really good stat however once you get past a certain level and has very stringent gear requirements to make it work. Until you would have everything needed to make it worthwhile agility is #1 then Strength, hit will eventually start showing up on the better gear.

  • jessica says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question and for the wonderful list to go by!

  • Qzz says:

    I agree that the Polar gear should have been put on this list. Not as an option, but as “also carry” items. I am full Valorous (been unlucky on rolls and drops since Uld came out) and still have this gear for when the big Stam pool is needed.

    Also, where is the Idol of Terror on this list? Isn’t that the idol to have for single target tanking?

  • Jacemora says:


    That is a great point on the polar gear. I also use it on Hodir fights and when/if I need a little more stamina. I really am not sure why I forgot to put the 3 pieces on the list, I am going to add them on.

    The Idol of Terror is not on the list because it is BC gear. Feral druids that have it from BC know it’s value and this list is made of items from Wrath. Going back and farming 20 badges is however a reasonable strategy once 80 is hit so I will note this as well.

  • Burgerbob says:

    Just to throw it out there, you may want to add the Titanium Frostguard Ring, JC made

  • mook says:

    how much health/dodge is advised to actually start tanking in naxx25

  • Jacemora says:


    Enough that your healers can keep you alive. Just try to get at least everything listed that is easy to get and you will be in the same Naxx 25 gear the rest of had when we started most likely. By no means do you have to gear up in Naxx 10 before you can do well in 25.

  • mook says:

    another question what about gems?

    red slots – 16 agi or 8agi and 12 stam
    blue slots – 24 stam or 8agi and 12 stam

    is that right?

    what should go in yellow slots?

  • fili(badboyy) says:

    Nice guide jace. But for some reason you had told me strength is not really a priority.. But why strenght in your priority list?

  • Mesophan says:

    How does the armor heirlooms fit in here?

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