Pro Kitty Tips Heroic 10 ICC

So our 10 man team has now downed the Lower Spire and Blood Wing in ICC 10 Heroic modes.

For the record, we are doing this with no gear over ilvl 264 except for ICC rep ring. Also we are doing this without the benefit of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Heroic ICC is tough and not very forgiving. It takes every ounce of skill, Macro’s, tricks, tips, ETC.

I am going to go over each fight on heroic and the little things we can do as kitties besides Uber DPS (which is still important).

Lord Marrowgar

  • Use kitty leap to close the gap between yourself and people that are spiked. Sometimes you can even time this when targeted by bone storm to get out of range fast.
  • Use Dash to get through flames quickly during Bone Storm when you need to get into a better position.
  • If you get targeted by Bone Storm shift to bear and pop barkskin to help with the incoming damage.
  • If spiked in a lot of Coldflame be ready to pop barkskin right after you are released to buy some extra healing time for the healers. You might be getting released into Flame and a Bone Storm… you never know.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Have Brez ready, like most of the Heroic fights you are going to use it.

Lady Deathwhisper

  • On this fight I have the prime responsibility in phase 1 to down her shield and I use my DPS at the end on and off to time it’s removal. You don’t want adds up when the shield falls.
  • Be prepared to bounce between her and the spawning adds during phase 2. If you are getting an agro warning it is time to switch.
  • Have an innervate macro lined up for one of your healers ( /target Healyguy /Cast Innervate).
  • Brez on the ready.

Gunship Battle

  • Beg to be a cannon so you don’t fall asleep.
  • When jumping across using the rocket pack shift back to cat mid flight. Instantly target the mage, FF, Kitty leap in and get mangle up for your rogues as fast as possible.
  • Did I mention not falling asleep?

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • First get an addon called Control Freak.
  • Set up control freak for Entangling Roots.
  • Be prepared to target 1 add and click the Control Freak button to Root it in place. Make sure it is out of melee range.
  • Time the root right after a 5pt Combo move for instant roots or time it on the cast time.
  • I always get the right add while the DPS burn the left. You can root it and 9/10 times go right back to kitty DPS
  • This will help if your raid comp makes add CC difficult. We have our resident tree do it until the 3rd mark I believe then I take over, some raids won’t have this luxury.
  • Use barkskin when you have boiling blood or the Mark. Time it when it will most help the healers.
  • Be ready to innervate.
  • Be ready to Brez.

Blood Prince Council

  • Move as little as possible but not at the expense of strong DPS.
  • Chase the  Empowered Flames (Kitties love chasing balls). You can help save a fellow raiders life.
  • Use dash and kitty leap to help move around the room limiting damage.
  • Have moonfire at the ready for a last minute stray Kinetic Bomb.
  • Be careful with your threat on Keleseth, dead kitties do no DPS, Innervating, or Brezzing.
  • After leaps and dashes try to stay still as long as possible while DPSing to wipe the Shadow Prison debuff.
  • Be ready to Innervate and Brez.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel

  • Time your berserk at the pull to gain threat right before the first bite and get it early.
  • Barkskin right before Bloodbolt Whirl in the first air phase.
  • If possible be prepared to Barkskin/Tranquility on the 2nd air phase during Bloodbolt Whirl.
  • Use kitty leap to return to the boss after running out from Shroud of Sorrow or Pact of the Darkfallen.
  • Be ready to Brez and Innervate… again.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks I might have forgotten on any of these fights please leave a comment and let us know.

5 Responses to Pro Kitty Tips Heroic 10 ICC

  • Thistle says:

    Great tips! I’m bookmarking these for future reference.

  • Jacemora says:

    Cool. I should prob do an extended post of our strategy as a whole on each fight.

  • Dysheki says:

    For Gunship the best advice is to always remember to put on your shirt before battle >.>

    I never could make the dash/feral charge jump last week 😐

  • Bear Pelt says:

    One thing is for certain; as a feral druid, our battle-rezzes + Innervates + emergency Tranquility have to be kept handy during any situation that the RL or–god forbid–your judgment calls for. Even when tanking in my offspec this still applies. It’s one of the biggest joys and woes of being a hybrid class <3

    (Come on, it's painful to all kitties when we've got that rotation going and one has to tear away from it to pop an innervate on someone XD)

  • Rogue Macros says:

    Sweet tips. Love gunship battle. Hate deathwisper. Melee and magical dps can’t get it right enough. Repair bills through the roof.

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