Proof is in the Pudding.

So Aetherial Circle is living Proof that you can be successful in 10 mans without the benefit of ridiculously good 25 man Heroic ToGC gear. Check out our 10 mans group current progress…

Neck and neck with the top hard core raiding guild on our server in progression and smoking in achievements, not bad for a social guild raiding 5-6 hours of 10’s and 5-6 hours of 25’s. I want to thank the rest of my 10 man teammates for our success…

We continue to have a fun time in our 10’s and plan to take our awesome to a battle ground near you soon /evil grin.

Last night we finally got Yogg +0 after about a dozen previous unsuccessful attempts trying to ignore the fight mechanics and just zerg it… yeah, that doesn’t work.

Next week the plan is to down Arthas by Thursday… good times, good times.

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