Rotation and Bars

A guild mate asked and I thought I would post it up.

Here is a shot of my bars…

Now to explain my personal rotation. (Note I say my personal because I don’t employ the use of talents in order to bother with Ravage)

I typically open with a Faerie Fire when running in. I then Mangle, Rake, Shred, pop this Macro (/cast Lifeblood
/cast Tiger’s Fury)(Lifeblood is only available to herbalist), pop Berserk, shred (get to 5 combo points as fast as possible) and Rip. I try to get a rip and rake up as fast as possible. With the next CP (combo point) I get up a Savage Roar. From there on out I just try to maintain a rip and rake bleed on my target and keep up Faerie Fire, Mangle, and Savage Roar and use Tigers Fury and Berserk on CD. All the while I stay behind and shred or mangle if I am stuck in front. At 25% or less health use Ferocious Bite to keep up Rip.

For my bars 6-0 are my bread and butter (rake, SR, shred, mangle, rip) 2 is Skull Bash and is hot keyed to a mouse button for quick delivery when an interrupt is needed.
Right above 7-0 are other important actions (faerie fire, ferocious Bite, my macro for Lifeblood/Tigers Fury, and berserk) I hit all these with mouse clicks.
In the upper right hand side of my 3 bar setup are some defensive cool downs, most importantly Survival Instincts and Barkskin. Ignore the tank trinket, and next to that is Stampeding Roar (Handy on Rags for when people need to run.)
The rest is all just hodge podge stuff I might need like Cower, Etc… The only other real important one is out by itself all the way in the upper left hand corner… Rebirth.

This is basically what you will be using/doing starting out as a feral druid in Kitty form.

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